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Providing the best World of Warcraft guild websites since 2009!

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Do you rather play with a guild or on your own? #worldofwarcraft   #guildzilla   #warlordsofdraenor 

Is it just my server or do people rarely play alliance anymore? I think we need to balance out the server groups again blizzard. I love world pvp, but there is no alliance to kill on Burning Blade. #worldofwarcraft   #warlordsofdraenor   #guildzilla  

Gotta love getting mythic gear from your follower missions in your garrison especially with 100% win!! #worldofwarcraft   #guildzilla   #warlordsofdraenor  

I'm a bit confused. A lot of people that I have asked about how Rogues are since WOD was released told me that they are great in PVP but not in PVE. However, in my highmaul raids, I see Rogues always on top for DPS. Any thoughts on this? #worldofwarcraft     #warlordsofdraenor     #guildzilla  

Has anyone been to blizzcon? I always wondered what goes on there. I think I want to put that on my bucket list. #worldofwarcraft   #warlordsofdraenor   #guildzilla  

:) just got my 660 conquest pvp weapon. #ophunter   #worldofwarcraft   #warlordsofdraenor   #guildzilla          

So I attempted Mythic Kargath yesterday for the first time and got him down to 200K BEFORE WIPING! REALLY 200K, like if the idiot dps didn't die in the first 20 seconds, we would have had him NO PROBLEM. Obviously every attempt after that just went worse. FML. #worldofwarcraft   #warlordsofdraenor   #guildzilla      

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woohoo successfully completed my first mythic highmaul mission from my garrison!! #worldofwarcraft   #warlordsofdraenor   #guildzilla      

Hmmm, not so sure if I like the idea of not being able to PUG mythic highmaul. What do you guys think about the mythic lockout? #worldofwarcraft   #warlordsofdraenor   #guildzilla  

Woohoo! Finally got my first Mythic mission in my garrison. Common followers don't let me down!! #worldofwarcraft   #warlordsofdraenor   #guildzilla  
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