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Guild Optical Associates
Manufacturer of precision sapphire optical components - Sapphire Windows and Sapphire Lenses
Manufacturer of precision sapphire optical components - Sapphire Windows and Sapphire Lenses


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New Expansion Complete – Precision Flat Sapphire Windows
Guild Optical Associates has finished our newest expansion. The precision sapphire flat lab includes a new Mitutoyo CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), a new 12″ aperture Zygo Verifire Interferometer, and multiple large diameter Lapmaster grinding and polishing lappers.

The new expansion will allow Guild Optics to further our capabilities in large precision flat and shaped optical windows.

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Businesses love buying their sapphire windows and sapphire lenses from +Guild Optical Associates
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Guild Optics is a key supplier of sapphire windows and sapphire lenses to the defense, aerospace, and military markets. Industry leaders utilize +Guild Optical Associates due to our US based manufacturing facility and superior sapphire polish quality. Our shop is capable of producing optical component prototypes as well as evolving those projects into complete yearly production runs.
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We're growing. This area will soon be filled with machinery to expand our precision flat sapphire optics operations. 👍 New office room and climate controlled interferometry room too. 👌
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Sapphire windows aren't always round or rectangular. Email us about your custom shaped sapphire window. +Guild Optical Associates can help.
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Guild Optics Attended Photonics West 2017. Check out the entrance to this massive show

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+Guild Optical Associates will be debuting our largest sapphire window ever at +SPIE Photonics West 2017. How big is it? Come visit us at Booth 730 to find out. It's worth it...
Tuesday Feb. 31 - Thursday Feb. 2 @ Moscone Center, San Francisco, California
#PhotonicsWest #SapphireWindow #Sapphire

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+Guild Optical Associates is gearing up for +SPIE #PhotonicsWest
We'll be showing off our biggest sapphire window yet. More info soon...
#PhotonicsWest #PW17 #BigSapphireWindow

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Tips to a Productive 2017
• Volunteer - Help make your community a better place.
• Reach out to your neighbors - Get to know those around you.
• At work, strive to be the best at what you do, but...
• Work to live, don't live to work - Leave your job at the office and enjoy life.
• Remember to spend time with loved ones whenever possible.
• Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
• You can accomplish anything.
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Oct. 21st - Day of Photonics:
Guild Optical Associates chose to reach out to the kids for this day. Jon taught the 1st – 5th graders at Mason Elementary about the MOHS scale and the hardness of glass vs. sapphire. The children had a chance to scratch glass with sand and keys, then attempt to do the same to a sapphire window. To their surprise, they could not scratch the sapphire.
The kids also learned about lenses and how they manipulate light with the help of a simple laser pointer.
The “Day of Photonics” is an industry initiative to get out of the office and show people the importance of optics and photonics. We were happy to participate.
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