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Another great info-graphic
Post Penguin 2.0 Checklist - 10 Things to Check Before Publishing Your Content

- Vary Anchor Text
- Avoid Using Exact Match Anchor Text
- Insert Brand Anchor Text
- Cite Authority Sites
- Use Good Grammar/Spelling
- Claim Authorship
- Produce Quality Content
- Promote Content on Social Media
- Update Site Regularly
- Create a Content Marketing Strategy

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Another great info-graphic.

Merry Christmas everyone. I wish you all a stellar 2104. To your success!

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Great info-graphic on Social Media
13 Fascinating Social Media Statistics From 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Much has changed over the last year in social media. Things like the rise of Snapchat, the acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo, the growing importance of mobile-first social networks like WeChat and Vine, the launch of LinkedIn's widely successful Influencer program and more, further complicate the digital landscape for marketers.

According to a report by Social Media Examiner, 86 percent of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business, up from 83 percent in 2012. It's fairly obvious that social media will continue to have a significant impact on the way marketers and business owners continue to communicate with consumers on a daily basis.

Marketers should give attention to which social platforms help them reach their goals with relevant audiences, whether that's generating sales or greater visibility. This year Pinterest drove 41 percent of social media traffic to e-commerce sites, while the average shopper referred from the network spent between $140 to $180 as compared to $60 to $80 spent by users referred from Facebook.

When it comes to achieving increased visibility, Vine videos to date are four times more likely to be seen by your audience as compared to a regular branded video, according to the 7th Chamber. Of all the minutes spent on the Internet, 15.8 percent of those minutes are spent on Facebook which averages to 351 minutes per user on the social network a month. Focus on the channels where your audience is most active, which is often Facebook for many businesses.

With the multitude of social channels on the market and the growing need to create content at scale to fuel these networks, it's important to have actionable data to help better focus your social media-marketing efforts. Take these 13 fascinating social-media statistics (by +SpareFoot ) about SlideShare, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, LinkedIn and Google+ into mind when formulating your marketing strategy for 2014: 

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Great information on Google authorship troubleshooting from searchengineland.

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