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Profilo per "exbo" sul Resto del Carlino
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I have no idea what it means or what the context is, but ... good on you, good on you!
It's just my profile in the group of "ex"-Bologna people who moved abroad.
Because just moving away from Bologna makes you a celebrity?
Because right now in Bologna work is scarce and people is running away... and this hurts their egos, since Bologna was the 'nicest and most industrious little city in Italy".
So you get to be in the local newspaper, and the newspaper gets better sales... to all your friends that are (still?) there ;-)
Guido, e ti lasci dare dell'ingegnere così?!
fru xo
1. You are not an Ingegnere (Engineer)
2. That picture is too old :)
Well, I did pass the state exam to be one, to be fair. So why am I not? That was the first pic that came to mind!
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