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Guido Masella (gdmsl)
Physicist, student, programmer and Linux enthusiast.
Physicist, student, programmer and Linux enthusiast.

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Hello everybody! I have a critical problem with Xorg on my laptop. Every time i attach (attach the cable and then xrandr) an external monitor on the DisplayPort the entire PC freezes.

If I attach the external monitor before booting the laptop nothing happens, lightdm works fine and after login I am able to change at will the parameters of the screen with xrandr.

The laptop monitor is a 1920x1080 13" monitor (i execute xrandr --dpi 120 whitin my .xprofile). I tried different external monitors.

I am using the Intel Skylake integrated graphics (i915 drivers).

Since the whole pc freezes, no related error messages are reported in the journal (journalctl -xb -1) or in /etc/Xorg.0.log.old

What can I do?

Thanks for your help!

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And now I am unstoppable! ... Thanks to my new and shiny algorithm for peaks finding and analysis! All written in Julia! (

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Awesome :)
The future is clear. Experience actual reality with Google Cardboard Plastic.
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3 years with Arch. Celebrating with a new color scheme (inspired by Atom One dark). Thanks to all the developers for their hard work!
Arch One Dark
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"Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning "I can't install Arch the Arch way." :)

(Yeah, modified old joke. Have you all a great start into this new week.)

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A simple remainder for the programming scientist:
"Don't write C code at night without thinking. Don't write C code after an entire day programming in python, go or another modern language. Because C and C++ won't take care of the trash you leave behind." And this will hurt you, even with 16GB of RAM...

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"He drives fast. He drives well.... but he is a massive douche". I can confirm all.
A touch exaggerated, but...still funny. 

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Arch users are always 100% satisfied!
Are you totally 100% absolutely satisfied with your Linux system in comparison to others distros? 

Choosing a distro (for me) goes like that ..pick the less worst, and even then we may look for another ..and we may never have just one, and we switch from time to time, and we try new ones etc. 

So the question is if you never miss on your system things that others have, or if you never think to switch ..well you get the point!

Please be ruthless and honest ..and vote! 

Oh, btw I will keep voting NO till Gnome OS comes ..and then I'm sure I still continue voting NO!

It is like someone has curse us to get perfectly imperfect Linux systems for ever!

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YES - 100% satisfied!
NO - Not perfectly happy!

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The end is near! To make it easier, we've added a fifth knight of apocalypse to help you in the transition. You can always turn it off at will (for now) from the main menu. Don't click me, read the Bible

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Linux is education.

Linux is science.

Source +IBM
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