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Guido Masé
Herbalist, author, runner, dad.
Herbalist, author, runner, dad.

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Herbalists as cultural stewards
Below is the transcript of my remarks at the 2017 Florida Herbal Conference . The whole event was an amazing experience - from the warm, humid air, to the live oaks, to the old friends and new, each one a shining star. We talked about connection, passion, a...

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Phytofarm with Valmai Becker. So grateful for the warm welcome to these stunningly beautiful lands.

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Integrated technologies: building capacity and resilience
A case study
at the Wasso district hospital, rural Tanzania This year the
work at a rural hospital on the edge of the Serengeti was with a team comprised
of two other herbalists, my wife Anne (gynecologist and surgeon) and two
medical students from the Univ...

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FDA cGMP project - overview
The landscape of FDA compliance may seem vast, and, indeed, it is. I will tell you, however, that it is not as vast as the landscape of human health and disease: it is much easier to understand than medicine and healing are, and certainly easier to learn. I...

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FDA cGMP compliance open source project
Our strength as herbalists is that we come together. We share processing tips and secret harvest spots (sometimes - depending on who's asking), discuss difficult cases, and generally help each other learn. This has been evident to me all the way from herbal...

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Primitive camping on Camel's Hump

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Waterfowl, new moon
... with due respect to the loons ... The great blue heron, so still, is like a standing piece of driftwood, silver-gray cyan, like when wood sees the pond water too long and then, pushed up by a frost heave, sun-bleaches and molders, gathering color. Her n...

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Top of Camel's Hump, VT

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Journey to the Kitipa Boma, hospital work at Wasso. Closing this year's integrative herbal medicine / hospital trip.

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Herbal Medicine in East Africa - our first week
The last leg of our journey to Wasso was on a small, six-seater airplane. In fact, we needed two planes to carry our team of four herbalists, one medical doctor, two medical students and my daughter Uli. It was a beautiful day to fly. A slight overcast, wit...
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