See you on the other Side? 4 Weeks Left Edition
Not much longer - it's less than four weeks until April 2 and then Google+ will be gone, so this will be the last edition of this pinned post that I will also reshare into a few of my collections for those that don't follow my main account. I'm not going to stop posting on Google+ until maybe 2-3 days before the end, but I will put this here in the hope that we can all follow each other on the various other social media outlets. To make things easier, I created some redirecting subdomains on my website:


Since the last version of this post, I also created a MeWe profile because quite a few Google+ photographers have made the jump and the MeWe admins have promised a tool that will allow importing a Google+ Takeout archive. Facebook and Twitter are already getting all my daily photo posts and everything else I occasionally post. On Instagram, I'm currently posting archive photos but once Google+ is gone, I will move my daily photo posts over there. I'm only very ocasionally active on Youtube but there are quite a few older videos there.

And my websites are, of course... - My main blog that I only use sparingly nowadays. - My photography blog where I post every day. - My movie and dvd review website that is dormant at this time, but will probably be revived sometime next year.

The WSH Crew science and astronomy collective at is also in the process of relocating from the Google+ community into a self-hosted forum with the Slack that has been in use for some time as an additional meeting space. Astronomy Cast and The Weekly Space Hangout are still live on Youtube as usual every week and CosmoQuest has daily broadcasts on Twitch.

Hopefully we can rebuild what we had on Google+ elsewhere, even if it will be spread out across different places. I've already found most of the people that matter a lot to me on other platforms, the photography community seems to have largely moved to Instagram and MeWe. I would hate to loose contact with anyone, so please don't hesitate to follow or contact me on the other social media sites.

Be seeing you...
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