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I almost know exactly what I'm doing.
I almost know exactly what I'm doing.

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The Humble Bundle has gone Telltale again, this time with a decidedly Lucasfilm-esque content - you can grab season 1 and 2 of Sam & Max in the $1 package!

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Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser is going to fly to the ISS in three years - on top of an ULA Atlas V! 

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River Views #226: Early Summer #13
The next photos are from mid-June, when the fountain at Mülheim's Stadthalle was back in action.
#RiverViews #CityViews #Mülheim #Ruhrgebiet #Ruhr #River #Riverfront

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Zinnia Visitor V
The photos of the Bee on the Zinnia were so awesome that I'm going to post all ten of them.
#bugspotting #bee #pollinator #macro #macrophotography

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Soviet Mars Rovers? It almost happened! 

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Hangout Schedules Calendar, Index & Updates
Calendar: | Index:
House Rules: | Slack:
Note: Astronomy Cast and the Weeekly Space Hangout are on Summer Hiatus until September!
This post is an overview of the hangouts we keep track on in the calendar and the index page on our website. Links to previous versions of this post are at the bottom. We will now use the comments of this post mainly as a changelog for the calendar and for other hangout-related updates - if you know about an interesting hangout, feel free to comment here or put the event in the Hangouts & Podcasts section!

Weekly Space Hangout
Weekly space news show hosted by +Fraser Cain with a rotating crew of guest journalists. Broadcast usually Fridays at 19:00 UTC.
See +Universe Today for details and announcements.
Youtube Archive Playlist:

Astronomy Cast Live
Live recording of the podcast with +Pamela L. Gay and +Fraser Cain
Broadcast usually Fridays at 20:30 UTC after the WSH.
See +Astronomy Cast and +CosmoQuest for announcements and updates. Audio Podcast available at
Youtube Archive Playlist:

Learning Space
Semi-regular hangouts about science and astronomy in education, hosted by +Pamela L. Gay, +Georgia Bracey & +Nicole Gugliucci. On hiatus at the moment.
See +Learning Space and +CosmoQuest for details and announcements.
Youtube Archive Playlist:

Center for Lunar Science and Exploration Hangouts
New hangout series from +CosmoQuest and the +Center for Lunar Science and Exploration, hosted by +Pamela L. Gay.
Youtube Archive Playlist:

Global Star Party
New semi-regular hangout series with live telescope views and astrophotography discussions. See +Global Star Party for announcements and updates. Unofficial heir of the Virtual Star Party. On hiatus at the moment.
Youtube Archive Playlist:

Deep Astronomy
Weekly hangouts hosted by +Tony Darnell, broadcast usually Thursdays between 19-21:00 UTC
See +Deep Astronomy for updates and announcements
Youtube Archive Playlist:

Astronomers Without Borders Hangouts
Semi-regular hangouts with special guests, hosted by +Mike Simmons. See +Astronomers Without Borders for updates and announcements.
Youtube Archive Playlist:

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» - October 2016 - July 2017 (Changed out for Summer Hiatus Edition)

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Yesterday's surprise CLSE Hangout.

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An interview with Buzz Aldrin - with Futurism, by our friend and WSH contributor +Jolene Creighton​! 
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