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Fastest Way to Order highly trained and licensed Security Guards Nationwide!
Fastest Way to Order highly trained and licensed Security Guards Nationwide!

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Security Guard Services for Black Friday

Black Friday Security Services are available through guardNOW. Started in 1966, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and has become the unofficial start to the Christmas shopping season. Retailers across the country project much of their revenue on this single day. Shopping centers expect and prepare for large crowds, parking issues and upset customers.

In 2008, a 38 year-old New York Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death after a stampede of “Black Friday” shoppers rushed into the store after eagerly waiting outside. Security for Black Friday is as big part of the total preparation that is made to accommodate the holiday rush. Even if a store location has its own security, during the increase in traffic and shopping activity, retailers often have security beefed up or bring in a third party company such as GuardNOW to come in to help with the expected volume.

Call 877-guardNOW or order online at for your extra Black Friday Security needs!

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Security Guard Services to Prevent Vandalism Threats

Tonight isn't just Halloween, it's also commonly known as Mischief Night. Vandalism threats are a major problem for any business. Security Guards can always be the answer to these problems and many more. Whenever someone gets a vandalism threat it is no joke and one should always act fast.

List of security guard duties:
 -     Patrol you business
 -     Scare off trespassers
 -     Protect and secure your business
 -     Only allowing right personnel in

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Security Guard Services for Halloween & Costume Parties

During the Halloween season, costumes parties occur a lot during the late part of October. Many of these Halloween parties include many people and alcohol a lot of the time; which can at times be the recipe for a problematic event. We at GuardNOW ensure that your events are safe and worry-free.

As technology has evolved and improved, so has the tools and effectiveness of GuardNOW. In an industry where security companies still operate the same as they did 20-years ago GuardNOW has stood apart as the most innovative and technologically advanced security guard firm in the nation. Don’t sacrifice experience, professionalism and efficiency simply because you have short-term security needs.

Call 877-guardNOW for your Halloween quote! Or order online quickly and easily from!

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Security Guards for Museums, Art Galleries, and Exhibits
Museum security is a kind of art form unto itself. A way to all at once create safety and accessibility. To bring us as close as possible to inspiration while preventing miscreants from stealing it.
List of security guard duties at art galleries & museums:
 -     Offer friendly and professional security service
 -     Rapidly respond to emergencies
 -     Effectively maintain public order
 -     Ensure the visiting public complies with museum regulations

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With #Halloween around the corner, #vandalism is in the back of everyone's minds. How 2 stay safe on #MischiefNight

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Could #crowdfunding be a way to transform your neighborhood's #safety?

#Halloween is coming! Planning a #party? Why not keep it as safe and #fun as possible with #guardnow #security. Book b4 Oct 30 for 35% OFF

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What is #SocialEngineering and how can it be a #securityrisk to your #business? #guardnow has the answers!

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^GN A #tbt for a #guardnow #classic! Taking care of @kimkardashian #security #securityguards
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