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Just playing around with on the Google TV.

I had to log onto to connect leanback with with my Google TV, then i had to pair my Nexus with leanback, once all that was finished, i was watching videos in a matter of seconds.

All in all, this went pretty smooth, and the videos played with no issues.

Now how sweet would it be if we could send our Google Play rentals/purchases to YouTube TV the same way we do with the videos.

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I used Leanback for a bit and it's a neat service to show off the Anymote protocol (, but I try and stick to the native YouTube app on Google TV when watching longform presentations...I've found that the browser can be crashy when it comes to running Flash Video for an extended period of time.
This is one of my favorite things about Google tv & YouTube. Netflix added this functionality to it's android app to control Netflix on a PS3. Hopefully it will come to Google tv too.
Is there a way for YouTube to "remember" where you stopped a video (like Netflix does)?  There are so many long videos/movies on YouTube now, that I rarely have time to make it through an hour of sure would be nice to be able to "resume" a video where I left off.
This is a great app. I love leanback! I use it on my Samsung smart tv and I can just add videos to a playlist and view them on the big screen. I love how easy it is to pair with new devices!

Although I agree with you, the biggest disappointment is not being able to play Google Play Rentals through this app. I tried it with the free "Pinapple Express" movie that they had but it was not formatted to my screen. It'd be great if they allow HD streaming of movies through this app that way I wouldn't have to connect my computer to the TV and I could have complete control with my android tablet. 
Still, it's a great product! 
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