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I think this device is awesome. This is what Google TV should have been from launch. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Google is not ditching or even scaling back GTV. They just hired a dev advocate for GTV in Europe and the IO app actually works on TV for the first time. 
Let's see if GTV devices can offer the same services since they should run the same apps anyway.
Of cause we'll have to wait until Google Music and Videos in Google Play come to Europe for that. Maybe 2014.
That's a good point! There's no reason why a google TV could not act as Q.
It almost feels like +Google doesn't care that much about +Google TV . There is so much opportunity there. Hopefully they are quietly thinking of ways to destroy Apple Tv. 
+Juhani Lehtimäki +Rich Barnes +Marcus Wolschon +Robert Le Blah let's clarify something. The nexus q in no way replaces #GoogleTV  or is meant to be competitor to us. It's meant to work with Google TV for music and other things. More updates will be coming as well as hangouts to make sure everyone is 100% clear and there's no speculation. Sound good? -Kevin
+Google TV (Kevin) always to the rescue! Thanks Kevin! Can't wait for Hangouts!
After all we wouldn't release 2 new products two days ago and let our own company squash us on day one of io now right? ;) -Kevin
Does the Q work with UPnP/DLNA media sources already in your home or is it limited to Google's online services?
Does it offer it's media via UPnP/DLNA so the TV set, upscale stereo or GoogleTV can browse and play media it offers?
+Google TV thanks for the clarification. But They still seem very similar, and I find it tough to shell out money for both a #nexusq  and a #googletv  
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