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+Wind-up Knight 2 is now available on the Hisense TV.

You're gonna need a USB game controller to play.

#googletv   #smarttv   #windupknight2  
High-end platforming gameplay in a beautiful 3D world! Your favorite clockw...
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Plaaaaay Ball! #NowCasting live with Major League Baseball

The 2014 Major League Baseball season is off to a big start, and now you can make all those hits, homers, steals and K’s even bigger with Chromecast. Starting today, you can cast live MLB games straight to your TV with a touch of the cast button.

The MLB At Bat app can be found in the Play Store ( and Apple Store (, with Chromecast support rolling out today (MLB.TV Premium subscription required. Peanuts and Cracker Jack sold separately.) As always, you can explore apps that work with Chromecast at 
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Stupid Zombies 2 is now available on the Hisense TV.

You will need a USB game controller to play this one.

#googletv   #smarttv   #stupidzombies  
What's a good zombie story without a sequel?The undead return in this new, ...
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One of my favorite games played on the Hisense TV.

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There are 2 things i really don't like about the Hisense TV, actually there's more, but I'll limit it to 2 today :)

1) The same movie selection has been on the Home screen since i bought the TV in February, I'm tired of looking at them, if you want me to spend money and rent a movie from +VUDU , let me see more choices.

2) The Play Store still won't show any paid apps, if someone is upgrading from a Google TV set top box to one of the new Smart TVs, they will see the same selection of apps/games that was available on 3.2, with the exception of maybe 4 different games.

Last week, Machinarium was made compatible with the TV, you will never see it in the list of games, it's a paid app. Groundskeeper2 is compatible with every Google TV device out there, you won't see it in the list, it's another paid app.

There are soo many crap apps that i see in the Play Store on Google TV, and the Smart TV, but i have yet to see these same apps in the Play Store on my tablet/phone, is the Play Store for TV the dumping ground for these worthless apps? 
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The issue on the paid apps has been a long standing problem with the Play store. It will only be fixed if the Play Store team addresses the issue. Their are numerous issues with it on the TV. We will know Google is really coming out with their own device if we start seeing the focus and navigation issues addressed in that app. 
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Thank You +Amanita Design , they just updated Machinarium to be compatible with the Hisense Vision TV.

No controller is needed play the entire game with the air mouse.

#googletv   #googletvapps   #machinarium  
Machinarium is the award-winning independent adventure game developed by th...
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Updating now. Thanks!
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+Tubi TV will be available on Google TV/Smart TVs in the next month or so

#googletv   #smarttv   #adrise  
Summary: Tubi TV is launching with 3,000 movies and TV show episodes on Amazons Fire TV as well as Roku’s set-top box and Microsoft’s Xbox 360.
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+Google TV Friends Excellent Great News.
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Google TV Friends

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This may be your last chance to own the official Google TV Popcorn bowl,
the Google Store is down to a limited supply and they are selling them for $13.12, and the Google TV socks are selling for $5.96.

Popcorn bowl
Google TV fuzzy socks

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Google TV is not dead. It just returned to its home planet. I swear i saw it, last night! I'm not crazy!
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It's amazing how well Family Guy The Quest for Stuff works on the Hisense TV. (side loaded of course)

#googletv   #familyguy   #sideload  
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nothing compared to our sudoku games or tetris on the nszgs7/8 , :(
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