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Holy Living. Holistic Homemaking. Whole-hearted Homeschooling.
Holy Living. Holistic Homemaking. Whole-hearted Homeschooling.

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The Birth Story of Ezekiel ('Zeke') John

I can hardly believe he’s here. I can’t stop looking at him, our Ezekiel John. ‘Ezekiel’ means “God strengthens.” ‘John’ (after my Dad and Brad’s late Opa) means “God is gracious.” There couldn’t be a more fitting name for our 5th child (my 6th…

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The Pros And Cons Of Eclectic Homeschooling ( & Our Curriculum Choices For 2016-2017)

The two best words to describe our curriculum selection this year are probably “eclectic” and “relaxed.” (If you’re new to Growing Home (welcome!), you can find some more thoughts about teaching methodologies here, and why we’ve chosen a relaxed approach,…

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Is Homeschooling Harder Than Sending Your Child To School?

Homeschooling is hard work, not because teaching academics is so taxing (that’s the easy part!), but because it can be mentally and physically exhausting to be needed by many little people for so many different things in a day. Selfishness in my own life…

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How To Attend A Homeschool Convention

Do you know what’s happening at the end of this month, Lord willing? One of my favorite events of the year is taking place: Ontario’s annual homeschool convention!  I’ve looked forward to it every year for the past 13 years, and wouldn’t miss it for the…

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Callings, Vocations, and Higher Education For Homeschoolers

A person with a university degree or a college diploma is no more respectable than a person without. At the end of the day, it’s not a piece of paper reflecting years of study that makes a person successful; it’s how well they use the talents God has…

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How A Word & Deed Sponsorship Can Enhance Your Homeschool & Another Child's Life

In our house, not many subjects are learned from a textbook. I find our kids seem to retain information better when it has some practical application to their everyday lives. Sponsoring a less fortunate child from another country is an eternally…

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We're Not Homeschooling Our Children The Way I Was Homeschooled

Blog posts are hard to write when you don’t have much content to work with, and this is one of them; however, I promised I’d share what I disliked about being homeschooled and what I would do differently with my own children as part of the series,…

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We are so thrilled to finally be able to introduce to you our long expected arrival! After several months of labor (yes, you read that correctly), Pro-Life Pregnancy Tests is here at last, and we couldn’t be more excited!Wait. You didn’t actually think we…

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How Homeschooling Prepared Me For Adult Life

When people ask me if I felt prepared for adult life after being homeschooled, I’m never quite sure how to respond. Does my current role as a wife and mother come easy to me? No. Neither do many aspects of maintaining a home (I have a mountain of unfolded…

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Confessions of a Homeschool Graduate: What Life Was REALLY Like Growing Up

I’m preparing for an upcoming panel of 2nd generation homeschoolers and have been reminiscing a lot lately on what life was like growing up. Not a day goes by where I am not supremely grateful that my parents were led to home educate their six children…
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