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Gröninger Cleaning Systems BV - The Netherlands
Gröninger Cleaning Systems is an innovative, global designer and manufacturer of (high and low-pressure) cleaning systems.
Gröninger Cleaning Systems is an innovative, global designer and manufacturer of (high and low-pressure) cleaning systems.

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New Tank Cleaning Saalemühle

Saalemühle expands operations with tank cleaning
Ever since the Middle Ages a mill for processing grain has been located on the banks of the river Saale in Alsleben. "Saalemühle" started as a simple mill but now has become a modern producer with a capacity of over 1,300 tons of wheat per day. To handle the delivery of more than 100 different flour recipes to its customers Saalemühle has its own fleet of trucks. To ensure quality and flexibility the company has made the decision to build its own tank cleaning facility.

Double food bay for internal tank cleaning
With the new cleaning operation Saalemühle has the ability to carry out internal cleanings on two bays. In the construction and setting up of the food wash bay, quality and reliability were viewed as the most important features. This has led to a system design that uses steam as well as central heating. As a result of this, the temperature is guaranteed, even if one of the two sources of heat is in need of maintenance.

During the cleaning of the tanks there are a wide range of detergents and disinfectants are available. After the cleaning program it is possible for the tanks to be dried with warm filtered air. The entire cleaning process is recorded in “real-time” and controlled by a PLC. After completion of the disinfection an ATP test (a process of rapidly measuring actively growing micro-organisms) is performed to check if the tank is clean.
Exclusion cross contamination and infection

A third washing bay is specially equipped for external tank and tank cleaning. To avoid contamination this bay is completely separate from the internal cleaning bays. A Foam Pack is used to guarantee the production of perfect foam.

The collected washing water is pumped into buffer tanks where it is homogenized. In a flotation unit, the water is stripped of all solid suspended particles and the pH is neutralized. Sludge is collected in a sludge tank and the purified water is discharged into the sewer following a proper analysis.


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Food Tank Cleaning MTR Mannheim

Modern cleaning of food tanks and tankers
In December 2016 food cleaning operations at MTR in Mannheim became operational. The modern and efficient cleaning enables MTR to clean food tanks and tankers to the highest quality standards.
In 1969 MTR was founded by Dietrich Ehrhardt and has since developed to become an expert in the field of tanker and tank cleaning for the chemical and food industries. Since 2004 the company has been headed by Jost and Martina Ehrhardt. With this completely new food tank cleaning plant they will be able to respond to the growing demand for food cleaning. The new cleaning depot is just steps away from the old cleaning location which is now the only place where tanks and tankers are being cleaned with chemicals.

Two tanks cleaned simultaneously
The cleaning equipment was chosen on the basis of many years of experience in the cleaning industry for both MTR and Gröninger. The result of this close relationship between all parties has delivered a modern and efficient plant in which two food containers can be cleaned simultaneously. An added benefit is that the rinsing water is collected, cooled down and treated so that it can be re-used. Additionally the energy released during the cooling process is used again for the heating of the rinsing water.

Automatic dosage and control
By making use of (100 bar) high-pressure pumps even the most stubborn product residues can be cleaned consistent with the required quality standards. The product residues are able to be removed through assistance the access to unique wash programs which determine the appropriate temperatures and the dosage of chemicals. Various sensors monitor the cleaning process and the complete wash cycle can electronically documented for audit purposes.


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RSA-Talke's state-of-the-art chemical logistics park in Dubai officially opened.

The new location combines all services needed to handle, store, clean, repair and test tank containers. Apart from handling empty tanks, there is a large depot, which includes modern fire-fighting equipment for the storage of loaded tanks. With the first stage completed, RSA-Talke is now ready to start operations. The second phase will include a Dangerous Goods warehouse and drumming facility.

The #tank cleaning system (#tankcleaning) was designed and installed by Gröninger. It features two drive-through lanes that are subdivided into four cleaning positions. The drive-through bays are the first of their kind in the UAE and especially designed to clean containers that are mounted on chassis. This eliminates the lift-on and lift-off services and increases the turn-around time of the container. In addition the bays will eventually be used for tank containers from the depot.

Six multi-purpose positions are equipped for #latex cleaning and heating. The containers are place on a trolley and manoeuvred into position by a forklift. A special latex cleaning machine is installed to circulate an alkaline based chemical to clean containers that are contaminated with latex and/or resins. Two positions are equipped with standard high pressure rotor jets. Four positions are dedicated for heating services where steam or electricity can be used. The steam system is controlled by a temperature sensor to protect the tank from overheating.

In order to comply with local waste water regulations and to reduce the consumption of water which is a valuable commodity in the UAE, a comprehensive waste water treatment system was designed. The system includes various stages leading to water that can be partly reused in the cleaning system.

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#Gröninger Cleaning Systems is moving to a new location in Rotterdam 
As from July 6, 2015, the engineering and manufacturing operations of the company’s (high pressure and low pressure) cleaning systems and the supply of professional cleaning equipment specifically #Nilfisk, #Dynajet and #Kärcher, will be operating from a new, state of the art, modern facility located at Overschieseweg 111, 3044 EH in Rotterdam. This new location will continue to reflect Gröninger’s core values of reliability, quality and service. 
It is an essential change for Gröninger’s 40+ head office staff who have welcomed the announcement of the move with enthusiasm. The new facility is situated in a prime location for both customers and suppliers in Rotterdam’s industrial area Spaanse Polder near the junction of highways A20 and A13. The location also can be easily reached from the nearby airports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam and all modes of public and private transport. In addition there is plenty of on-site parking.
The new plant has double the amount of square meters of floor area compared to the previous location and offers extra showroom and office space. More importantly, a larger warehouse and expanded manufacturing space will add new dimensions to the display of Gröninger’s service operations and equipment ranges. 
A new location in a now city in a fantastic building. For customers and suppliers Gröninger remains the same: a reliable manufacturer of high quality cleaning systems and a preferred supplier of cleaning equipment for numerous business partners, both regional and global. Gröninger continues to stand for: Cleaning your Wörld.

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Gröninger expands product range with #DYNAJET   #Waterjet   systems.
Gröninger Cleaning Systems has formed a close working relationship with DYNAJET GmbH, a German manufacturer of high pressure, long-life water jet systems and accessories capable of producing up to 3,000 bar (43,500 PSI). DYNAJET systems are used for professional applications in a wide range of market sectors including industry, (road) construction, renovation, cleaning services, shipyards, offshore and forestry.
For many years DYNAJET has been a leading manufacturer of water jet systems. The company has its roots in the German Putzmeister organization and in recent years became independent through a management buy-out. The company is based in Nürtingen, which is in the center of Gemany’s “technology and manufacturing triangle Münich-Stuttgart-Nürnberg”. DYNAJET is a member of the VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen-und Anlagenbau e.V. – German Engineering Federation). When it comes to water jet systems, DYNAJET has proven that it continues to set global standards.
“DYNAJET systems offer significant opportunities for Gröninger’s Northwest European business and are an ideal addition to our existing product range”, according to Jaap Schokker, Sales Manager at Gröninger. “We already have a strong and loyal customer base in different market sectors for numerous DYNAJET applications. With DYNAJET systems we are able to add further applications to our equipment range and provide a more comprehensive package to the users of our cleaning systems.”
In addition DYNAJET systems will offer solutions to Groninger’s global customers who are active in servicing the logistics industry with #TankContainerCleaning , rail car cleaning and #IBC -Cleaning / stainless steel  #TankCleaning . Many product residues with high viscosity and chemical liquids which have solidified and have been shipped in tanks and containers, now require significant labour and chemical intensive cleaning processes. These processes can be eliminated by using advanced DYNAJET technology, where high pressure is used in combination with relatively high water flow. Joost Kasbergen - Business Development Director at Gröninger responsible for this division of the Group - adds: “Very often we get enquiries from tank cleaning companies on how to handle and clean special products like #TDI , #MDI , #Resins and #Latex . For latex and resins we have already offered for quite some years a very efficient and effective purpose-built Gröninger unit in our product range. With DYNAJET systems we will be able to offer to our existing and potentially new customers a tailor-made solution for applications where very high pressure is needed to produce a clean tank.”
Both DYNAJET and Groninger share common business philosophies and a desire to provide leading edge cleaning technology to global customers looking to reduce operational costs and provide environmentally friendly techniques and equipment that will enhance their business activities.
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Tank Cleaning Equipment

Gröninger #Cleaning Systems lead the way in superior exterior and interior cleaning of tankers, ISO tank containers and bulk silo trucks. Their cutting-edge operations make them the preferred partner of companies who are seeking a long established specialist in the field that offers sustainable, professional and efficient engineering and maintenance expertise in tank cleaning equipment and services. Gröninger are specialists in construction, design, control (which includes remote support), and installation of tank cleaning systems, use A-grade materials and guarantee a high quality service. They provide various systems including certified fall protection, air purification, waste water treatment, drying systems, hot water supply via steam boilers or central heating, and vacuum extraction to eliminate vapours after cleaning.

Tank Cleaning for Foodstuffs

Cleaning foodstuffs has to be done professionally and according to the highest standards, which is fundamental to good hygiene. Systems are constructed to enable the cleaning technician to use his appliances, software and system equipment to ensure that the work done is in accordance with the shipper's requirements. Particular attention is made to certain apparatus such as: disinfection, steam sterilisation and loading and unloading hose cleaning. The cleaning operation is monitored by strategically placed sensors, and controlled by the PLC.


Quality Control and the Management of Food Safety

Gröninger offers specials software called Cleaning Guard which is used to validate the quality of the tank cleaning process. MainPro Cleaning Guard ensures an optimum cleaning process through monitoring the water pressure, temperature, flow, time, detergent metering and so on. Tables and graphs of these procedures are filed in the MainPro database and can be viewed by the customer as cleaning certificate, which can be presented according to European Cleaning Document protocols. 


Cleaning the Loading and Unloading Hoses

State-of-the-art applications developed by #Gröninger are not only used for the cleaning of the tank itself, they are also employed for the very important and sometimes intricate processes of cleaning the fittings and discharging and loading hoses, the latter of which are cleaned using a robust stainless steel frame which facilitates hose cleaning above floor level. A manifold is a more advanced option that is sometimes used as well.


Steam Cleaning for Food

This effective form of automated tank cleaning for food is very effective for products with a high melting point such as fat and chocolate. Any bacteria which are left after this process are killed by using steam into the manholes during cleaning. 


#Chemical Product Cleaning

With over 100,000 chemicals being transported in tankers, trailers and containers, specialist cleaning procedures devised by Gröninger according to programs based on previous cargo is essential.

Cleaning Residual Products 

Many products can be easily cleaned with under 100 bar water pressure, however certain chemicals require 200 bar pumps with more force for cleaning.

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