A circle of highly interactive people. Adding these people to your circle will ensure that you have lots of quality posts and photographs from South Africa (and Southern Africa)
SA SUL 59 Most Popular South Africans On Google+

Today the 59 South Africans in this SA SUL circle qualify as follows:

This popularity ranking is reviewing only the current posts of the South Africans. Only the last 20 posts are taken into account, and only the posts that have been posted in the last 4 weeks

The following 50 (were considered for each category and duplicates removed):

1) ...the most comments:

2) ....the most +1s.

3) ...the most shares.

If you are in the circle you thank me for putting it together. But not for putting you in this circle. This circle is created through a simple count of the number of 1, 2, 3's (see above) that you got over 4 weeks.

This means that I cannot include you if you did not qualify. 

If you like South Africans then I suggest you add this circle to your circles.

Share this circle with your South African friends.

And have fun because these South Africans produce quality. ;-)

BTW: I am not taking about my stuff ;-)

If you are not included then you'll have to find away of getting more people to circle you. And that can only be done by the quality of stuff you publish at Google+.

I always had an issue with the previous SUL SA circles because I never wanted it to get to more than a 100 people. It was not easy with the tools I used. But I found another way through +CircleCount  ;-).

The tool I am using should keep it under a 100 people at all times.

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