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I just want to point out that if you're actually upset with NBC, you don't refuse to watch it. Instead:
1. Watch NBC, with a note-taking device at your side.
2. Write down the products advertised.
3. Stop buying them. (if you're feeling uppity, you can write the company letting them know you won't be buying their products because they advertise on NBC).
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Be specific to those adverts created specifically for the Olympics. Other adverts are purchased by the network in huge lots, months and months in advance. A complaint about a general advert that is in heavy rotation on NBC,  it's other programs and is also featured on competing networks  will have no effect.

Select the advertisers labeled as "official sponsor of 2012 Olympic Games", and also those advertisers that have created specific content for the the Olympic Games. 
Do the same thing for the sponsors of Major League Baseball to end blackouts.
I'm in the UK (in fact going to the gymnastics today!!) but I feel your pain and I would love it if millions of people followed your advise and boycotted the advertised companies!
BMW, Coke, Apple, Chevy...  I either can't afford them or would never buy them.
I caught that I did that right after I posted...not sure why you'd be seeing it the old way unless it was a share in those few seconds or some kind of G+ bug
no share.. seeing it directly from your feed... 

2. Right down the products advertised.
      ^^^ -----  ** Write
haha, then I did it twice and only caught the last one. 

Would anybody tell me if I was getting stupider?
lol.. would you believe them? :P.. 

first sign is always denial xD
Great idea, but good luck.  Without hitting any NBC sources I have compiled the following (partial) list:
* General Motors
* Coca-Cola
* McDonalds
* Visa
* Proctor & Gamble
* Apple
* Microsoft
* Citi
* TD Ameritrade
* Panasonic
* Allstate
* Hilton
* HP
* AT&T
* Barak Obama

My sources are below:
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