Dear Plussers,
DISCLAIMER:  I have considered that I might be insane, therefore by meme or cliche or whatever you call it, I am not.

I'm hesitant to share what I'm about to share with you because the urgent candor with which I am going to speak to you is not typical G+ fare. It's not typical in much of what you'll find on the internet (_Links if I'm wrong about that please, it makes for the type of reading I like to do). Most people putting themselves out there still care if people think they're crazy.

The thing is, the urgency part is the reason I can't really care if you think I'm crazy. If reality is the way it is from this perspective, getting through to as many people possible will speed the inevitable process - and the longer the process takes, the greater the suffering will be during the transition.

I'm not asking for converts here - just for you to read this all the way through and let it bounce around in your head for a while. It's going to be long. I'm a rambly bastard and there is a lot of ground to cover. Bookmark it. Look it up on your smartphone when you're in the bathroom for all I care. Just read it, please. I'll try to make it a fun ride.

Did Your Parents Allow or Encourage the Belief in Santa Claus?
Let's start with something more innocuous, so as not to scare off too many too soon. 

Let's Play Perspectives
Perspectives is a fun game to play. I'm sticking to how to play it here, for more about the game, click here: <Link to perspectives post>

First, you have to acknowledge your current beliefs.
Then, you let them go.
Next, you think about various ways other people might view the subject matter.
Finally, you pick the one you like best.

So, take all those marvelously correct opinions you have about Santa Claus and Christmas, and let them go for a minute.
Santa Claus is:
- A tradition originating way back when in some other country, passed on from family to family during childhood for a shared cultural experience
- An abomination to God and a corruption of Jesus's Birth
- The natural result of capitalism on a non-birthday gift-giving occasion
- A conspiracy by the rich elite to further squeeze the life blood (money) from the poor through emotional manipulation - Feel guilty for not buying gifts, show your love for others by buying gifts, buy cards to stay in the wills of old relatives
- An indoctrination of children for one of the following purposes:
To binge on greed and materialism
To cause their minds to grow comfortable in believing in something while completely rejecting all evidence tot he contrary
To teach them that their parents are fallible and deceitful, weakening familial bonds

Now, throw your prior beliefs in among those, or recognize the pieces that make up your prior beliefs.

Now pick your favorite, and go on seeing the world from that perspective, new or otherwise.

It's fun to play Perspectives with 2012. I started paying attention to end of the world stuff way back in the late 1980s. I was aged around 9 or 10 years at the time, which happened to be in the 'Unexplained Mysteries' and 'X-files' days.

What always fascinated me about the whole 2012 thing is that it always seemed it wasn't just the Mayan calendar, or at least that's how it was portrayed. So, you can take your pick from your reasons to think it's the end of the world and have fun with it.

But - if you if you want to play seriously consider this: Hitler was apparently heavily into the occult.

Most people stop at rejecting 2012 as not being anything special and all the crazy theories just being crazy theories, everything will be fine. Go back to work, shrug it off. 

But there are people with a lot of money and there are people with a lot of power. If this crazy stuff is interesting enough to provide us with these interesting ideas to consider - what happens when one of those rich/powerful people is able to take those ideas and buy into it?

What if they convince other rich and powerful crazy people to buy into it too? What if they then start findings things to support those ideas and start believing them too? What if the illumanti is real and full of these rich and powerful psychos?

Could these psychos bring about the end because of the actions they take because of what they believe? Could their actions create mass hysteria of 2012 being the end cause the end?

I think it could. I think it's going to be one hell of a year. Please start seeing things from different angles. The timing, the bullshit politics and corruption on top of that. Consider that possibility, let it kick around in your brain a while. See what happens.
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