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This is why parents want their kids in scouts in the first place.

h/t +Rachel Luxemburg 
If you aren't familiar with American Boy Scouting's Eagle Scout award, it might be a little hard to explain how important this story really is. Eagle Scout is a big deal. For one thing, it takes a lot...
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True. Too often standing up to the bullies falls on the shoulders of only the bullied.
If you have to apologize for it, you know it's wrong :)
Sin? So yours is a religious stance? Judge not, love thy neighbor. 
Weird, you're advocating banning the person from the scouts, not the sin. I'm sure Jesus would do the same, it's not like he had dinner with whores or anything.
Is what people do in their bedroom already part of the scouts?
As long as they keep in the bigotry and hatred, we're still alright...right?
Is it okay for other people to tell you who you can and cannot love?
Well, you see - we have a fundamental disagreement on what is evil and what is not, so I'm trying different approaches to get through to you. 

You can't separate sin from sinner (you, personally) - he's a faggot, he's a murderer, he's a thief - which means you're judging (and sentencing by the way), but I can't make you realize that. maybe you should pray for a more objective view of your interpretation of the bible.

I really don't know what mental gymnastics you have to perform to turn 'turn the other cheek' into 'your forbidden from raising children' - but hey..

So I was going with the golden rule angle. It's hard for me to imagine you'd like it very much if you weren't allowed to help children because of who you fell in love with, but that's what you're trying to do to other people by supporting this bullshit, so I was trying to walk you into a different perspective.

Of course, spiritual journeys are inward journeys, and you'll have to fix yourself. I just didn't want you to go around thinking you were a good Christian when you're doing the opposite of what Christ taught. I'm like that Good Samaritan I guess.
+Daniel Baker your interpretation of sin is yours alone. When you apply that definition of sin to others, that's judging - which according to the bible is not your place. 

Do you disagree that a person's sin is between that person and God?

To keep your child out of the scouts because of potential dangers you see is one thing, to attempt to control others is a different beast.

Apparently, if there is a God, it would seem that the evil of Hitler you keep referring to was part of his plan - just like the crucifiction was apparently part of his plan. Who are you to interfere with the "evil" God chooses to allow?
I didn't make it past your first sentence.
A. Where did you get that information?
B. On what grounds do you think you can even begin to understand why an omnipotent being chooses to do anything?
C. Exclusion is only based on love when it's like - for surprise party discussions.
For bonus points, the phrase 2-deep always makes me think of anal sex.
First you tell me he does something because ...then you say you have no idea why? Pick one.

Discriminating against a group of people because there are less of them than of you is why civil rights cases involve minorities..
Ah, didn't realize the BSA was a religious organization. Carry on.
Also pretty sure God takes care of the punishing sin part himself, what with the jesus and whores thing
What a person does in their bedroom is not only none of the business of an organization, but also outside its 'wrongdoing' jurisdiction.
Well, I'd ban child molesters instead of homosexual adults then. But hey, that's just me...
Except children aren't capable of informed consent?
Anyone with free will is capable of wrong doing. I love you Daniel, but I'm not going to be able to help you. So I'm giving up. Good luck.
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