How my mind works, Part III
See, the sticks are ideas/talking points/theories/notice trends. They are the meat in the stew. They occur when I read a new piece of news, combine prior ideas together in a new way, and make a new connection between ideas and their possible implications.

They're always bouncing around in the stew, and it's hard to say which is going to bubble to the surface at any given moment. When they do, they get circled by the thought train for a few cycles, then either are dismissed, communicated, or dip back under for more stewing.

This creates a significant difficulty with communication, as ideas (particularly in writing) are best communicated in a logical connected sequence - I find it difficult to write about a particular idea without working in how that ideas connect to the other ones at the surface at the time, and I think it confuses others when more than anything I want them to understand how connected everything is.
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