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What environmental questions would you ask the candidates?
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Well, for starters, some very basic questions:

Do you believe that anthropogenic climate change is occurring, and is a serious problem?

Do you accept the estimates by defense and intelligence analysts that human-caused climate change poses a grave threat to US national security?

Do you accept that carbon is a key cause of climate change, and that a reduction in global carbon emissions is urgently needed?

Do you agree that the US has been a major contributor to causes of climate change and global warming, and bears a proportionate responsibility for grappling with the problem?

Do you support UN efforts to combat climate change, including the work of the IPCC?

Do you agree that efforts to shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources are urgently needed and should receive major governmental support?

Do you agree that a shift from the private car, trucks and jets to more environmentally-friendly forms of transport, including rail and public transit is urgently needed?

+Jason Shiflet I think most US people are not aware about the progress in China. No US company is able to built a battery to drive in a public transport bus more than 10 years.

They have to be confronted with a term, they do not like to hear: Chinese Super Technology.
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