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Let's save the Internet from #CISPA !

1) Avaaz:
2) Demand Progress:

For information:
a) [Video] RT news from a few weeks ago: (The bill has been modified a bit since then, but I don't exactly know how.)
b) [Article]
EFF's chilling analysis of the bill shows how it could be used to give copyright enforcers carte blanche to spy on Internet users and censoring the Internet (it would also give these powers to companies and governments who'd been embarrassed by sites like Wikileaks).
c) [Infographic] below:

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Interesting Read: Creation Myth (with the story of invention of mouse and laser printers)
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And, here I was hoping perhaps faster space travel and possibly also time travel are possible possibilities! :( hehe

So if the neutrinos are pulling this fast one on Einstein, how can it happen?

Parke said there could be a cosmic shortcut through another dimension – physics theory is full of unseen dimensions – that allows the neutrinos to beat the speed of light

Indiana's Kostelecky theorizes that there are situations when the background is different in the universe, not perfectly symmetrical as Einstein says. Those changes in background may alter both the speed of light and the speed of neutrinos
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#OpDefense #StopCISPA
Read 'CISPA supporters list: 800+ companies that could help Uncle Sam snag your data' on Digital Trends. As the campaign against the Cyber Intelligence...
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Happy 2012 to all! :)
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And, more on it:
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