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Xbox One X.

Turns out Scorpio is the CPU.

My new Bluray Player is awesome.

Watching ABC's iView on it. Its turned my old flatscreen in to a Smart TV.

Think it runs a customised version of Android because the website needs Flash but this Bluray Player runs Java (same as Android phones and tablets. iOS probably have its own version of the app).

Extremely easy setup too.

Still haven't watched a BluRay yet... ha, ha, ha.

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Done that before but it was the Supernatural Season 1 over a 5.1 Surround Sound DTS speaker setup.

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Microsoft has sales on their stuff.

This might be worth saving up for. Its the Xbox One X, possibly better than the One S.

Screw Xbox for now, its PC gaming for me.

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Getting an insulin pump tomorrow.

Kind of a life altering moment because i'll be stuck with it for the rest of my life, so i've been looking up everything about it (dimensions, pump noise, etc).

Probably end up knowing more about it before i get it.

I just hope it can handle saltwater for when i go kayaking (even though i can take it off if i do go kayaking).

The marketing for it says it works just like a healthy pancreas (basically the reason behind diabetes (pancreas either isn't producing insulin or isn't producing enough)) and it has a blood sugar monitoring device with it, so could mean no longer having to test my own blood sugar by pricking my own fingers... yay!!! My fingers will be happy.

Just hope it doesn't go off like hospital drips because that's annoying.

Next door neighbour being a bit thoughtless.

Its 1am and his air conditioner has just turned off, sucks when its so close to where you sleep.

Seems like ABC has tightened down on when they release Dr Who episodes on iView.

Looking at the recent one's release time it was at around 4am instead of midnight when it used to be... cunning.

My complaint to ABC about not being able to playback was answered too. Their response was my Flash in Chrome needed updating... um why would that cause a comnection to drop (sent them a screenshot of tracert command that i ran that shows the connection dropping out just before it reaches their ip address).

Some how i don't believe their answer.

Just got a BluRay player so i can finally watch my BluRays.

Wireless so it can hopefully connect to my 4G dongle and get any firmware updates.

They didn't have the Panasonic one i wanted which sucked because it sounded good and another one they had got shit reviews.

$40.00 more than i wanted to spend but hey its a brand name one, a good brand and it will work my Sure remote app (my old mobile has infrared).

Wonder who's great idea it was to get rid of minimise and shutdown buttons in VLC player.

If i get a happy surprise with my bank account tomorrow i'm going to end up getting some blue RGB lights when i get my new motherboard.

They work with Asus's Aura lighting which is going to be cool because i've never tried it before.
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