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+1 for enjoying the fun of failure. When you overcome the urge to be immediately judgmental, the boost to creativity is amazing ... especially when you have co-conspirators.

-1 for buying supplies and collecting raw materials, as clutter is the #1 enemy of happiness in my family. As an alternative, what do you think about taking (digital?) photographs of the raw materials while the ideas percolate, and then acquiring the actual objects when you have a concrete plan for using them?
Thank you on behalf of +Jean Liss, who had the idea to start scanning and shredding old bills and receipts several years ago.
I am always trying to get over my creative blocks! I view the roadblocks to creativity as clutter.. I break clutter down to a few categories..

real clutter (all the stuff I stub my toe on)

mental clutter (the voices in my head telling me what I can't do or what isn't good enough)

time clutter (all the things that interrupt you during the day)

This trifecta of clutter is most of what holds me back from action... So part of my "creative strategy" is to address the roadblocks... But addressing the inhibitors to creativity has to stay in balance with the delightful chaos of a random walk through the web or just writing random thoughts...

One of the techniques I have very recently employed is I now use my tablet and dictate my thoughts to a document that I can then at a later date and cut and paste into its appropriate place. I've just started using this method for my writers block.... So far I've found this has cut the paper clutter (I'm a pen to paper girl, so this is hard for me)... It has also beat the "voices in my head" that tell me that it isn't a complete thought, or I haven't thought it through enough... By using a document "in the cloud" it is always with me so even if I have 5 minutes waiting in the car, I can review past work or add to my thoughts with my android phone...

I'll have to see if this technique allows me to indulge the chaos that leads to that spark of creativity without all the clutter that comes from my creative ventures.... And if this works with my writing, maybe I can find a way to translate it into painting, woodworking or ceramics ;-)
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