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Cemetery circuit is held on Boxing day (Dec 26th) every year in Whanganui New Zealand.  This year there was stunning conditions, with great riding and a fantastic trip on the bike to get there. Wonderful to see so many families out soaking up the amazing atmosphere. 
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+Sam Cox It certainly does add to the excitement. 
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Greig Russell

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In the mapping course one reason why folks did the Maps but not Earth section might be because Earth does not run on ChromeOS. As opposed to the perception of Earth being more difficult. Did you measure OS usage on the course? After all Google enthusiasts are most likely to do Google courses and own Google Chromebooks hence the potential confounding factor. Just a thought for what it is worth.
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+Phil Ballard This is an amazing feature. The original documentation from Google said it was also being available for line and bar graphs. Have you seen any trace of this really cool feature or is this my famous complete lack of patience leaping to the fore?
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+Phil Ballard Sadly no. :-( I just checked my work and consumer accounts. In both it is there only present for scattergrams. I will continue to wait (not very) patiently. Thanks for asking & btw happy birthday
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Liked this and it seemed balanced as well as realistic. 
At their respective developers conferences, Microsoft, Apple, and Google have all demonstrated their intention to dominate the enterprise mobility market.
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The blood moon in full glory from New Zealand

#newzealand   #newzealandphotography   #lunareclipse   #eclipse  
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Cemetery circuit races. Happens every year on Boxing day here in Whanganui New Zealand. Spectacular day, better racing. 
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Wow Google scholar is almost 10. One of my favorite bits of the Google-verse. Hard to imagine life without it now.
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i can imagine kisses
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Maybe a bug. I created a map and formatted it via a CSS script. Looked great and I downloaded it as a PDF for distribution. When I checked the pdf all the CSS scripting had been stripped out. The nodes I had individually colored remained colored while all the CSS was now grey except the central node which remained coloured. If I have missed something please let me know. 
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Many thanks for the explanation +Gojko Adzic . The PNG file worked well.
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Greig Russell

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What have I missed? I am trying to write a simple custom function to return the latitude of an address. 

function geolat(inputAddress) {
var geoCoded = Maps.newGeocoder().geocode(inputAddress);
var lat =;
return lat;

The error is "Error: TypeError: Cannot read property "lat" from undefined. (line 3)." Yet lat is defined according to the documentation. 

Obviously I have missed something. Any suggestions as to what?
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+Nikolay Semenov +Dominic Dodge Many thanks for your suggestions. Despite trying to implement them I made little progress. I did stumble upon this code from Digital geography which did solve the problem and explains how to unpack the JSON object;

function getLat(address) {
  if (address == '') {
    Logger.log("Must provide an address");
  var geocoder = Maps.newGeocoder();
  var location;
    // Geocode the address and plug the lat, lng pair into the
    // 2nd and 3rd elements of the current range row.
    location = geocoder.geocode(address);
    // Only change cells if geocoder seems to have gotten a
    // valid response.
    if (location.status == 'OK') {
      lat = location["results"][0]["geometry"]["location"]["lat"];
 return lat;
 function getLon(address) {
  if (address == '') {
    Logger.log("Must provide an address");
  var geocoder = Maps.newGeocoder();
  var location;
    // Geocode the address and plug the lat, lng pair into the
    // 2nd and 3rd elements of the current range row.
    location = geocoder.geocode(address);
    // Only change cells if geocoder seems to have gotten a
    // valid response.
    if (location.status == 'OK') {
      lng = location["results"][0]["geometry"]["location"]["lng"];
 return lng;
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Stunning morning flying over our local neighbourhood active volcano (Mt Ruapehu). The crater lake looks full but there is no recent rise in activity which is reassuring. Thanks to the crew on Air New Zealand 5701 for the excellent flight all around.

#newzealandtravel   #newzealandphotography   #airnewzealand  
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Greig Russell

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Tonight's lunar eclipse. I may get a better shade later in the eclipse cycle.
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Wonderful Southern Indian restaurant. The food is authentic, originally interrupted and beautifully prepared. A must for an enthusiast of fine Indian cuisine.
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