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I can't say that I've ever thought of using neutrinos for communication. But the idea is awesome! Since they can pass through matter "Line of Sight" would become "Line of Superman Sight" and you could talk right through the Earth without the need of satellites. Pretty cool stuff!
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What are the effects of Neutrinos on living matter?
Neutrinos exist naturally. Trillions pass through us every second.
Well, then lets get crackin and make this happen, I would love to increase the speed at which I repost stuff about how the world is falling apart and Zombies are on the loose! Isnt it also possible that neutrinos could send messages backward in "time"?
imagine the fallout from that..... I could send a message to myself to tell me not to be an idiot at a particular moment and then BAM! I'd no longer exist to read this post, in which case I'd never send the message to myself.....have I given everyone a headache yet? :-p
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