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"It's okay to get butterflies under pressure.. long as you can keep 'em flying in formation." -Jon Jones. #TeamPGH | @misledyouth27
"It's okay to get butterflies under pressure.. long as you can keep 'em flying in formation." -Jon Jones. #TeamPGH | @misledyouth27

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I got a new cue!

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Another victim of the Web: SkyMall, that wonderful catalog that I always grabbed for during takeoff so that I could giggle at the weird and wonderful products it touted (and wondered if anyone really ever bought one of those heated trouser presses) is filing for bankruptcy. Not surprising, of course; when you can watch a personal seatback TV, or view a movie/work/read a novel on your tablet or smartphone, what do you need a catalog for.

Still, I will miss seeing a copy of SkyMall sticking out of the seat pocket...

(Thanks to +Daniel Dern for the link.)

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* Please help spread the word about my weekly podcast: We’re also on iTunes:  Thanks!

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I remember this! Obviously, something didn't go over quite right... it was availible to YouTube Partners in Good Standing, for all of about 10 days. Believe it or not, you could sell mp3's, origional material... definitely bit wayward, Tee-shirts, even concert tickets too
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New Merchandising Option for Partners on YouTube - Merch Store

I just got an alert re. a new opportunity to sell Merchandise on my YouTube Partner Channel - called the YouTube Merch Store.

I am waiting on the OK if it is cool or not to link you to the specifics from my 'YouTube Partner Manager' (which I did not even know I had one!). Hopefully they will get back to me soon!

Preview of the deal:
As a YouTube Partner I can have a New Tab on my Channel that is called/labeled Store just to the right of the Videos tab.

I can offer Digital Downloads, Physical Merchandise, and (Concert) Tickets via the YouTube 'Merch Store'.

Here is some info quoted from the info I just received:

Enables YouTube Partners to easily promote their
•  Downloads (music)
•  Physical Merchandise (tshirts, posters, accessories, etc)
•  Concert Tickets

Artists can create a shopping experience directly on their YouTube channels
•  Further cultivates artist / fan relationship on YouTube
•  Drives commerce sales for Artists

...Many more details to share when I know it is OK to do so.

Here is my question:
Many of you out there are New Partners on YouTube... did you get this same invitation or not?

I'm just trying to understand who gets to Sell Stuff via this New Merch Store setup, old partners only or All Partners (including the newest ones).

+YouTube Creators +YouTube +YouTube for Marketers Can any of you guys chime in here with 1) the OK to spread more info I have links to and 2) what 'level of partnership' is being offered the Merch Store option?

O #newonyoutube #youtubetips #videomarketing #merchstore #youtube O

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Both rep the '209' hard, but which Diaz Brother has the more well rounded #MMA  game? 
+Nick Diaz or +nathan diaz???
#UFConFox13   #UFC183   #UFCFightNight   #UFC179  
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Nate Diaz
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Nick Diaz
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