A couple months ago I installed Flattr (https://flattr.com/) on my blog at the request of a reader. For those unfamiliar with Flattr, it is a micropayments service that allows consumers of web content to make small donations to content producers by clicking on widgets analogous to a retweet button.

That same reader did in fact flattr one of my posts shortly thereafter and I haven't thought about it much since. Given that it is a relatively obscure service I was pretty skeptical that anyone else would use it.

After almost 2 months it turns out that I have been flattred four times amounting to total donations of a little over $2 (after subtracting their 10% processing fee). In monetary terms the amount is insignificant but still I am impressed that it has achieved any traction whatsoever.

Does anyone else out there use Flattr? Had you heard of it previously?
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