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Splain this to me. It's a lot hotter inside than it is outside despite the fact that every window in the house is open and every fan is going full blast.

I didn't sleep for shit and I can't write for shit when I haven't had sleep and it's too hot.

Ergo, I'm pretty sure the last couple hundred words I just wrote were terrible. I can't tell, though, because I'm melting.
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The building heats up during the day and it stays hotter longer inside because the heat can't escape into space like it does in the atmosphere. Try to put a fan in a window, sealed up as tight as possible, blowing inward, and park yourself in front of it until it cools off enough outside to your house catches up.
No, it's not a matter of heating up during the day, it's ALWAYS hotter inside. Except when the AC is on, of course.
Actually, the best method is to put a fan, aimed to the outside, in a window of a room you aren't in, and open only one other window, in the room you are in. This will vent the warmer air out and pull the cooler air in. This is more effective than aiming the fan in and attempting to push the warmer air out.
It could be a glitch in the Matrix. Have you seen the same cat twice???
BTW, if this is a chronic problem, you likely have blocked attic vents or improper ceiling structure.
Three words: Ice. Cold. Shower. Hey I spent all day landscaping my 80-yr.-old dad's yard and I understand what it's like to be hot. Let the nice cool shower water flow!
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