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This woman has some funny stories. If the world's feels like too much, this might help.
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Thank you so much!  I am grateful for the share!
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Politics, Hugos, and What the Numbers Say

I wrote last night that the results of the Hugo Awards were a victory for human decency and I’m not backing down from that, but now that I’ve had a chance to look at the numbers, I think there’s a much more interesting story to tell than simple identity politics.

And really, it starts with the word politics.

The people who put together the Sad and Rabid Puppy slates were motivated by what they considered was an untoward introduction of politics into a literary realm. According to them, there was an organized faction of people nominating and choosing winners not because the works were good on the merits but because the creator of the work was a woman, person of color, or whatever, and they wanted to counter this intrusion by banding together to put up real works by real people in the nominating stage when a smaller number of voters could have more sway.

They ended up proving themselves wrong in almost every way.

The Numbers

The only way in which they were right is that the Hugos were gamable at the nomination level because a relatively small number of voters could make a big difference.

Nothing on the Sad Puppy slate that wasn’t on the Rabid Puppy slate garnered a nomination. The highest vote totals for the works on the Rabid Puppy slate were Guardians of the Galaxy (769 nominations) and Interstellar (489) in the long form dramatic presentation category and Skin Game (387) in the best novel category.

That’s two of the biggest budget genre movies and the latest installment of a very long, very popular book franchise. There is simply no way in hell those works didn’t get a lot of votes from people who weren’t puppies.

The easiest place to see this is in the nomination details for the Best Novelette (2015 Hugo Statistics).

There were a total of 1031 ballots submitted during the nomination process. The Rabid Puppy slate garnered each candidate 165 to 267 votes, taking the top five slots. But when it was determined that John C. Wright’s Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus was determined to be ineligible because it was published in 2013, it opened up a spot for the eventual winner, Thomas Olde Heuvelt’s The Day the World Turned Upside Down with 72 votes.

Yep. The massive political clique that the Puppies were fighting against managed to get their top vote getter 72 votes. That’s 7% of the votes that were cast. If that’s a political machine, it’s a terrible one.

While the Best Novelette category is a bit extreme, the same trend shows up in almost every category. The highest non Puppy candidate got less than 20%, often less than 15%. That’s not the mark of a political machine.

If you look at the vote totals, it’s pretty clear that the Puppies were responsible for something in the neighborhood of 150-250 votes, depending on the category. That’s a pathetically small number of voters. And if you move away from the nomination phase to the award phase, you find the trend almost exactly reversed. With a few exception in big categories, the highest vote getter among the Puppy candidates got about 10% of the votes.

What Really Happened

It’s pretty clear from the voting what actually happened. There was no organized political movement for the Puppies to fight. Rather, there was an unorganized faction of like-minded people who liked the same kind of stuff and kept voting for it. Because they were a sizeable majority, the works that the puppy minority favored didn’t go very far very often. 

But here’s the thing. I’m not convinced that the majority faction gives a damn about social justice. To be sure, there’s at least a sizeable minority of the majority that cares, and they’re the most vocal members of the faction, but there are a ton of voters who neither know nor care about any of this stuff. 

I don’t know that I’ve read any of the Puppy-sponsored works, but I have read about it, and I’ve read a lot of the other stuff. I think we have a difference of opinion as to what kind of story is better. The Puppies seem to favor plot based stories with a lot of action and the bulk of the rest of the WorldCon fandom seems to prefer stories that delve into characters and what it means to be a person. They don’t have some antipathy towards the folks on the Puppy slates, they’re just voting for stuff they liked.

At least, they were until this year, when the Puppies went from a largely ineffectual sidelight to a force that threatened the nature of the awards. And what does a relatively docile majority do when a small minority threatens something they care about?

They squash the minority like a bug. That’s what happened last night at the Hugo Awards.

In some situations, that’s a bad thing. If we as a society punished political, religious, racial, or ethnic minorities the way the Puppies were punished last night, it would be a horrible thing. But that’s not happening.

Nobody is saying that the Puppies should go to jail. Nobody is saying they shouldn’t be allowed to write and publish whatever the hell kind of stories they want. Nobody is saying they shouldn’t get awards when they write something really great.

It’s just that it’s hard to win awards when you’re writing stuff that isn’t all that popular.
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I know a lot of folks who have used Karen's services and every single one of them raved about her.

As of this writing, I am now offering developmental editing at the level also called critique.

Details are in a shared Google Document; scroll down to INFORMATION/CONTACT ME, and click on the "NEW SERVICE" link.

I'm excited about expanding my offerings, and I'm looking forward to helping more indie authors produce quality work.

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thank you
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There is nothing quite like good middle infield play.
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People who think baseball is boring can bite me.
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Baseball is great... in person. The reason folks think it is boring is because it is... on TV. The same can be said for Basketball.

The experience of going out to a Baseball game is one of the best in Americana, no doubt. I just never get to do it. Makes me wish we had a minor league team around here.
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A lot of people seemed interested in the notes from the webinar +Lisa Cohen​ posted yesterday. Someone mentioned that it looked similar to something Nick Stephenson does.

It just so happened that I got an invitation to a Nick Stephenson webinar that looks similar and I thought I would link it here just in case anyone is interested in attending.

It takes place Tuesday, August 4 at 3 PM Eastern.
Free video training! The step-by-step guide to how I built a six-figure income through self publishing.
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Yeah, that was me who mentioned it. ALL these systems are designed to sell courses and rope people into their training. I don't know if it's worth it, but this looks to be a common business model these days. "Authoritative" stuff is what they sell and the fiction is secondary. However, because the fiction is mentioned and used as examples, you're secretly being sold the fiction as well. 
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Gregory Lynn

Please stop inviting me to this community. I have less than zero interest in it and the repeated invitations are incredibly annoying.
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Maybe it's someone in your circle or not that is continuing inviting you, you can block them, I'm just saying. 
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The Hugo Awards were a Tremendous Victory for Human Decency

The whole mess with the puppy slates is a pretty sad thing. It’s sad that a certain group of people feel like they are excluded from awards. It’s sad that they felt the need to fight back against something that didn’t exist. It’s sad that they felt the best way to fight was to scorch the Earth. It’s sad that they consider Social Justice Warrior to be an insult. It’s sad that they consider all the “No Award” results to be a victory. It’s sad that people felt the need to withdraw from consideration because they wanted nothing to do with the people who put them on a slate. It’s sad that there was no award given in five different categories. It’s sad that the people and works that deserved to win this year didn’t get a chance.

But it’s phenomenal that the racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and general all around fascist asshat slate got completely destroyed.
I saw all over the twitter stream that the people rooting for the slate were claiming victory on the grounds that they set out to prove something and proved it.

I’ve got news for them. The only thing you have proved is that the mass of fandom absolutely and utterly rejects you, your views on what is good in society, and your views on what is good in science fiction and fantasy literature.

Your ideas are repulsive. Your tactics are loathsome. Your complete disconnection from reality is actually kind of funny now that I think about it.

You think that women, minorities, and everyone on the quiltbag spectrum should just sit down and shut up because it’s more important that you not be faced with anything even remotely uncomfortable than it is for them to be recognized as having the same human rights that you enjoy. You think obedience to your antiquated views of societal norms is more important than human decency.

And the WorldCon fandom just told you to shove your hateful twaddle back into whatever orifice you pulled it from.

And that…is a victory.

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I will say that anyone who argues that some people have the right to protest people who vote politically, while behaving politically, and the people who are protested against do not have such a right, that arguer should really check his cake plate, because having and eating tend to be exclusionary principles.
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+John Ward Just because.
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'Sup?  :::nods:::
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Hey, anyone wanna write like a bazillion words this weekend?
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797 this morning. I think that makes 0.00000425% of a bazillion. 
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Hey folks, WDG Mod and all around posh dude +Steve Turnbull did an interview with the Rocking Self Publishing Podcast that touches on a lot of related things.

He talks about how he learned what steampunk is, the failure of a kickstarter, why he started writing fiction, what itt's like to be on a book-a-month schedule, cover design, and hey, there's even a mention of G+ and writing communities in there.

It's entertaining stuff if you'd care to lend your ears.

Now for a question. +Steve Turnbull, I noticed you posted a link to this interview in a bunch of steampunk related communities. You're going to come back and let us know if that led to any book sales, right?
Steve Turnbull has been publishing stories in his steampunk Voidships Universe since late 2013, creating an impressive catalog of 14 titles and counting. This week, I talk to Steve about how he got started in self-publishing and how he manages to release a title a month. Links: Steve Turnbull Steve Turnbull’s Amazon Author Page Google+ Soundcloud Stories in the Voidships ...
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+Steve Turnbull okay. 
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The Glamorous Life of a Writer Nobody has Ever Heard of

So I'm in the family room mainlining 30 Rock for reasons unknown and I switch over to YouTube and announce to my wife in the other room that I'm playing something because I love her.

That's how mega romantic I am.

When it was over, the conversation went something like this.

Her: I love it

Me: I know, it's a little creepy.

Her: What?

Me: It's a little disturbing how much you like it.

Her: I like lots of things, that "let it go" video...

Me: You like a lot of chick things.

Her: You know why that is?

Me: You're a chick!

Her: blah blah blah (I wasn't really listening)

Then I screamed "Outdated gender roles!" and went off to pee sitting down.
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