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It turns out that coming back to writing fiction after a long layoff is, and the cognoscenti put it, a blithering pain in the nether regions.

I spent much of 2016 writing stuff I didn't care about for people I didn't care about. Late in the year, I got back to writing my own stuff by writing a book for fiction writers about making money on Fiverr. I thought I'd sell a few copies, but mostly I wanted to get back into the habit of writing my own stuff on a regular basis.

Well, here I am, writing my own stuff and more than that, writing my own fiction and it's oh so damn hard.

I tried yesterday and managed to write a total of 649 words--most of them terrible--in just under an hour. Today I put a bit more heart into it and wrote a bit more than 2500 words. They came easier than yesterday, but still not quite what I could call easy overall, ya know?

I have to take the wife to an appointment tomorrow, and I'm stopping to get a PO Box because hey, did I mention I'll be sending out a serial exclusive to folks on my e-mail list?

Yeah...I just have to write it first.
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Gregory Lynn

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So, anyone got big plans for 2017?

Me? I'm planning on getting bitten by a were-gerbil.
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Gregory Lynn

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2016 has been crazy year, brutal in some respects and now it has its own horror movie trailer.
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That just about says it all, huh?
Here's hoping for a better 2017!
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Gregory Lynn

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+MrsA Wiggins i is awesome and you should hire her to do all the stuff you don't want to do.
Have a Great Start to 2017! SAVE $50. Ten hours of Virtual Assistant time for just $100. Book your Great Start now. Payment options available. 
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Gregory Lynn

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Hey art people, I've got a question.

I have a small image in a PNG file. It has a white background. Is there an easy way to change that so it's a transparent background?
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Awesome, thanks, that worked great.
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Gregory Lynn

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7 Life Lessons from a Guy Who Can’t Move Anything but His Face via Jon Morrow
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Gregory Lynn

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Here's the thing I keep forgetting. If I get up earlier, I can get done all the stuff I want to get done and still have time for all the stuff I actually want to do.

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Gregory Lynn

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If any of y'all have a novel out, Jim C. Hines is collecting income data.
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Gregory Lynn

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Anyone know of an apocalyptic story in a fantasy setting?

+Derrick Sanders

I think the only Saberhagen I read was the book of (lost?) swords.

I was reading a Hambly series...I don't remember the name, but there were people who lived in caverns who were fighting some scary-ass bat things and I think there was a reveal that the bat things had been there first. I stopped reading because her sentences drove me insane. 
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Oh, OK. Definitely read up on Dark Sun. Magical environmental apocalypse has reduced the world to a barren desert. Think Mad Max meets Conan.

Other tropes I enjoy;

"Rome" (or whatever) has just fallen, leaving much of the world in darkness.

Sauron wins, deal with it (Star Wars, but fantasy).

Magic goes out, or becomes unpredictable, or tainted in some way, hilarity ensues. (Weiss and Hickman's Dark Sword series deals with this)

Darwath; I like the premise behind that one. It's Zompocalyptic, but instead of zombies (which are stupid, literally) it's basically, I dunno, supernatural tiger-demons with a hive mind and tentacles. COOL AF!

"Apocalypse on Earth transforms it into a fantasy setting" is, for me, stale and overdone.

Also overdone is "Human (and Elven, and Halfling, and Dwarven, and et. al.)kind has been nearly undone by some war among immortals that ravaged the land, etc...
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Gregory Lynn

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Stay afraid. But do it anyway. | The Bloggess
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Gregory Lynn

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Hey folks, I have a book coming out in January and I'm looking for a little help on the cover.

The book is for indie writers who need to earn a little extra cash to pay for covers, editing, and the like.

I have four cover candidates and I can't really figure out which one I like the best. The yellow one is the one I used as a working cover while I wrote the damn thing. The others are, well, just others.

If you could let me know which one is the most eye catching, or most professional looking, or just plain best, I'd appreciate it. Oh, and ignore the watermark on the red one with the light blue typewriter. If it wins, that won't be there.
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I'm on team Gray too. Next in line is the red one. 
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