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The Red Sox are about to play a game that could end the career of David Ortiz and you know what I'm thinking?

If the Sox lose this game, it would be one of the most disappointing losses in my own personal history of watching this team.

But...we've been in worse spots and come out ahead. Everyone remembers 2004 and rightly so, but in 2007, we were behind 3-1 to these same Indians and came out on top. In the 2003 Division series, the Sox lost the first two games in Oakland then won three straight.

So what am I thinking now?

Don't let us win tonight.
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There is no team i'd rather lose to.

We've been where they are. We know what it means to them. I'd rather win, of course, but I'd live with it okay if we lost.
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Gregory Lynn

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WP Kinsella died today and I am heartbroken.

People will remember him for writing the story that was adapted into Field of Dreams but the adaptation robbed the story of almost everything that made it a Kinsella story.

Field of Dreams isn't a baseball movie. It's a Father and Son movie with a baseball theme. Shoeless Joe, the story it was based on, was a baseball story. Kinsella had this way of showing how to some people, baseball isn't just a game or something they watch on TV. He knew how it wormed its way into being more.

I don't think he wrote about the action on the field much, but he wrote about the people for whom the game meant more than it really should.

People don't generally leave baseball on their own terms. One day they look up and their skills are no longer in demand, whether they're a player, a manager or field coach, or even the guys in the front office. One day you're right in the thick of things and half a second later you're yesterday's news.

Kinsella went out on his own terms at a time he decided. As much as I'd wished he'd stuck around for another month or so to see if the Cubs could win the World Series--you wouldn't have to be a Cubs fan to be tickled by that--I cannot begrudge the man knowing when to call it quits.

Fake ETA: As I write this, I'm watching Supernatural and Dean just referred to someone sending angels back to the cornfield. Seems kind of right today.
B.C. author W.P. Kinsella has ended his own life at the age of 81 under Bill C-14, Canada's assisted dying law.
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Gentle {{ hugs }} to you. And such a beautiful tribute. 
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Gregory Lynn

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Sam's book covers are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. If you even remotely need a cover, check his out.
Looks like I might be heading to the doctor again. This time, for an infection that's swelling my right ring finger and turning the nail bed green. This month has been total horseshit--first I had to go to the clinic for a double ear infection, then I had a respiratory infection, and now I have something in my damn finger. Apparently my immune system has gone down the crapper.

So if you or somebody you know needs a book cover, I could really use a commission for medical moneys. If you don't, a signal boost is fine too.

#book #art #help
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Gregory Lynn

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Everyone needs a laugh, right?

Marti here is a funny, funny woman with some great stories.
Looking for a laugh this weekend? In honor of Labor Day, the Kindle version of my book of humor essays is FREE!
Downloading is a breeze, and if you don't own a Kindle device, there is an application that works on smartphones and regular desktop computers, which is also free! Right under the image of the book cover is a box that says "Read on any device" which will lead you to the free app. Who couldn't use a laugh? So please, give it a try and if you enjoy it, please leave a review so other readers will know what you thought. Kindly share this so others can make use of this opportunity. Thanks and happy holiday!
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Thank you so much for sharing!
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Gregory Lynn

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Demon Invasion is #2 in Free Fantasy Adventure Fiction on Amazon right now, with over 100 downloads today! Thank you everyone who's downloaded a copy, +1'd or shared my posts and helped me rocket up the charts! I couldn't do this without you. :)

If you haven't got your copy yet, head over and download a copy now!

If you say, "I don't have an e-reader, silly Ryan," you can get a Kindle ereader for free for whatever you're using right now to look at Google Plus!
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Thank you so much for sharing, +Gregory Lynn :)
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Gregory Lynn

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I've been reading Kameron Hurley's Geek Feminist Revolution. If you're into that sort of thing, you should read it. If you're not, you should read the attached essay anyway.

It's about the similarities between writing fiction and writing advertising copy. If you're a writerly type and you're looking for ways to make money to buy you time to write the novel that's going to change the world, well, it turns out that using words to get people to buy stuff is a valuable skill.
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Yo, folks,

If you haven't already picked up Time and Tithe, you probably want to.

LJ Cohen is--what's the phrase--a damn good writer. I haven't read T&T, but I've read her Halcyone Space books (in the middle of the third one now, neener neener) and they're really good stuff.

So get this, read this, enjoy.
Last day to pick up TIME AND TITHE for free on Kindle.

Only months after her victory over Oberon and Titania, everything Lydia thought she'd accomplished is unraveling: Faerie is falling into decay, the Fae are restless, and Taylor—the baby sister she sacrificed everything for—has grown up without her.

When Taylor tumbles out of the ordinary world and into Faerie, she discovers that Aeon, her imaginary childhood friend, is all too real. He is a powerful Fae, trapped in a maze of vengeance, memory, and madness. His unleashed power threatens to free Oberon and Titania and reignite the war Lydia had ended.

The sisters, now nearly strangers to one another, must figure out how to keep Aeon from destroying Faerie and safeguard the mortal world, all without sacrificing the Fae who was once friend to them both.

The long-awaited sequel to THE BETWEEN, TIME AND TITHE also can be read as a stand-alone story of the world of the Fae.

Even if fantasy isn't your thing, would you help a writer out and download it anyway? The more downloads a free book gets, the better visibility it has for new readers to discover it. And, hey, you might even like it! ;)
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Gregory Lynn

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I have seen two runners called out at on one play.

I have seen runners jump over the catcher and be safe.

I have seen runners think they tagged the plate only to be called out when they're halfway to the dugout.

I've seen catchers block the plate when you wouldn't think it's possible.

I've seen runners slide around blocks at the plate when you wouldn't think it's possible.

This...I have never seen before.
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That's Dancin' Dustin!
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Gregory Lynn

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If Waiting for Godot were rewritten for today it would be called Out for Delivery.
Hear Waiting for Godot, the Acclaimed 1956 Production Starring The Wizard of Oz’s Bert Lahr
Image by Fewskulchor, via Wikimedia Commons You may not know the name Bert Lahr, but you know his most beloved role: the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz.
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Nice to meet you 
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Gregory Lynn

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For the record, the probability of me not watching a Dirk Gently TV show is probably negative.
This fall, everything is connected in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, a new original BBC America series based upon the novels by Douglas Adams. Now, the show finally has a release date! Dirk Gently will premiere on Saturday, October 22; and BBC America has released a new promo video for the series which offers an intense and even disorienting taste of things to come as the seemingly random elements of a mystery are laid out for us. Samue...
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Look, +Gregory Lynn, you've got a new friend!
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Gregory Lynn

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This is infuriating.

If you're not aware, minor league baseball players don't get paid very much, and unless you're at the higher minors, that's a massive understatement.

We hear about multi million dollar bonuses for draft picks and international free agents, but that's a fairly small portion of the minor league talent pool. Most of these guys are kids right out of college or high school who get less than $100,000 in signing bonus. Many of them are giving up their college years and all of them are putting themselves behind everyone else in their age group in terms of skills and education in industries other than baseball.

And very, very few of them are going to make it at the major league level.

When they wash out of baseball, they're going to be of an age when people are starting to get married and start families but they're going to be without skills or the savings that would allow them to get skills.

Meanwhile, Major League Baseball could give every single one of them a raise of $1,000 per month for a relative pittance. That thousand dollars wouldn't make these guys rich--they would still have to get jobs in the off-season--but instead of being below the poverty line, they'd be above it, even if their off-season job is something part-time and without benefits. They'd be able to put their signing bonus into savings and augment that with a little something every month so that when they wash out they've got a little something to go on.

For minor league baseball executives to be suggesting that a raise like that would put minor league franchises in jeopardy of failure is embarrassingly wrong to the point of absolute dishonesty. Minor league teams don't pay player salaries, they just make money off their labor.

This bill should be killed. These guys should get a raise. It should happen now.
Justin Gorman looks into Congress engaging in minor league meddling and finds some unsurprising evidence regarding some funds.
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I've read the first chapter and a half of this, and it's something y'all might want to get in on.
I'm launching Black Magic today, and since this is my first book, I'm scaling prices up to give people a low-barrier way to try it out without paying full price. I don't anticipate this book going on sale again any time in the near future, so today's the day to get it at 99¢.

Find it exclusively on Amazon:

A limited run of paperbacks will be made available sometime towards the end of the week, however they will not be priced to move. This is your best chance to read Black Magic before the price hits normal retail.
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It's in my to read list; I got a few books from SSCers and friends
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