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I write stuff. Maybe you'll like it.
I write stuff. Maybe you'll like it.

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So I wrote a thing.

You might hate it.

So here’s the thing, when you start off doing NaNo, it’s pretty awesome. You’re playing around in the worlds of your imagination, and everything is cool. You’ve got your hero, he or she or they is/are starting on a tremendous adventure and, oh yeah, so are you.

But now we’re about a week in, and you’re starting to realize that the tremendous adventure involves a lot of sleeping on the ground in a bedroll that’s almost as comfortable as the first time you met your in-laws.

I’ve got news for ya. That’s just too damn bad.
Writing is work. It’s damn hard work. Creating people and worlds out of thin air should be hard. Making imaginary people feel real should be hard.

But, as someone once said in a movie about a sport that we don’t need to mention here, the hard is what makes it good. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it, and you’re not everyone. You’re a writer, so write, damn you, write.
If you’ve been keeping up with the daily word count goals, you should have come into today with about ten thousand words. That’s a nice chunk of words. There are whole stories told in fewer words, and damn good stories at that.

Keep going. Success is earned by showing up every day and getting the job done. The world won’t be any better off if you don’t finish. It will be better off if you finish, though, because you will be better off. Sure, maybe what you’re writing won’t be what you’d hoped, but maybe it will. Heck, maybe it will be better, and if it isn’t, you’ll be a better writer. You’ll better recognize what your strengths and weaknesses are. You’ll better realize what you have to do to get better.

And you know what? The more you write, the easier it gets. The more often you write, the easier it gets to start. The more you finish things, the better you’ll know when they’re working and when they’re not.

Just keep writing.

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This is an outstanding column, but you might want to break out the tissues.

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If this poll accurately reflects reality, Florida is going to be called very early and Donald Trump really doesn't have a path without Florida. Theoretically, he could win three of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois, but if he can't win Florida, that's going to be incredibly hard to do.

Scuze please, I gonna rant a bit.

We have two viable political parties in this country. One of them wants fewer people to vote and one of them wants more people to vote.

How do you need to know more than this? How does this simple fact not sway every voter?

Either you believe in democratic principles or you don't believe in America.

And yet, one of our political parties has done everything it humanly can to prevent people from voting. Voter ID laws. Reducing polling hours and locations.

It's an embarrassment.

The Red Sox are about to play a game that could end the career of David Ortiz and you know what I'm thinking?

If the Sox lose this game, it would be one of the most disappointing losses in my own personal history of watching this team.

But...we've been in worse spots and come out ahead. Everyone remembers 2004 and rightly so, but in 2007, we were behind 3-1 to these same Indians and came out on top. In the 2003 Division series, the Sox lost the first two games in Oakland then won three straight.

So what am I thinking now?

Don't let us win tonight.

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I have seen two runners called out at on one play.

I have seen runners jump over the catcher and be safe.

I have seen runners think they tagged the plate only to be called out when they're halfway to the dugout.

I've seen catchers block the plate when you wouldn't think it's possible.

I've seen runners slide around blocks at the plate when you wouldn't think it's possible.

This...I have never seen before.

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WP Kinsella died today and I am heartbroken.

People will remember him for writing the story that was adapted into Field of Dreams but the adaptation robbed the story of almost everything that made it a Kinsella story.

Field of Dreams isn't a baseball movie. It's a Father and Son movie with a baseball theme. Shoeless Joe, the story it was based on, was a baseball story. Kinsella had this way of showing how to some people, baseball isn't just a game or something they watch on TV. He knew how it wormed its way into being more.

I don't think he wrote about the action on the field much, but he wrote about the people for whom the game meant more than it really should.

People don't generally leave baseball on their own terms. One day they look up and their skills are no longer in demand, whether they're a player, a manager or field coach, or even the guys in the front office. One day you're right in the thick of things and half a second later you're yesterday's news.

Kinsella went out on his own terms at a time he decided. As much as I'd wished he'd stuck around for another month or so to see if the Cubs could win the World Series--you wouldn't have to be a Cubs fan to be tickled by that--I cannot begrudge the man knowing when to call it quits.

Fake ETA: As I write this, I'm watching Supernatural and Dean just referred to someone sending angels back to the cornfield. Seems kind of right today.

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If Waiting for Godot were rewritten for today it would be called Out for Delivery.
Hear Waiting for Godot, the Acclaimed 1956 Production Starring The Wizard of Oz’s Bert Lahr
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