Today, on behalf of the the Dagger team at Google, I announced the the release of Dagger 2!  It's a year-long project that is in use by several critical apps in Google and I'm happy to be able to share it with the world.  Here's the announcement:

"The Dagger team at Google is pleased to announce the release of Dagger 2.  Dagger 2 is a complete rewrite of the successful dependency injection framework for Java and Android that provides a completely compile-time generated implementation of the entire object graph.  By generating code that is normal, non-reflective Java, Dagger 2 provides a solution that is simple, traceable, performant and designed to maximize developer velocity.

Users of Dagger 1 can find an overview of differences between the two versions in the migration guide [1]. New and existing users will find the most useful information in the API documentation [2].

As we iterate on this new approach to dependency injection, we’re excited to get feedback and evolve the project.  Please contribute to our GitHub project, discuss on our Google Group and ask questions on Stack Overflow."

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