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Gregory Jackson
Professor, Lutheran pastor, author
Professor, Lutheran pastor, author

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The Disgrace Returns - Luther Needed To Revive the Sermon
I. The Church Postil, which Luther himself
considered “The best of all his books,” was called forth by the exigency and
need of the Church at the time. The majority of the preachers in those days
were incapable of working out their own sermons, and were sat...

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The Glory of Knowing the Gospel of John. <br>The Holy Spirit Teaches through the Word
The Synodical Conference consists of Darth Vaders teaching their Biblical ignorance  - and their hatred of the Book of Concord - to the young and innocent, hoping to produce more Stormtroopers. When I was discussing descriptions of the Gospel of John, a lon...

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Projects Timetable - Luther, More Luther, and the Dictionary
Luther's Sermons Luther's Sermons , 8 volumes, are in Word, so the editing has begun. The idea is to make the volumes as neat and readable as possible. Each volume will start with a Best of Luther section for that volume, with quotations from the sermons an...

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Kindle Unlimited Is Really Just a Reading Service
Several people had me look into Kindle Unlimited, since I linked the free 30 day trial for KU. Kindle Unlimited is a borrowing service, so that people who read constantly borrow up to 10 titles and return each title for another. These books are not kept. Th...

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Eleventh New Testament Greek Class - John 3. <br>Nick at Night. Born from Above. Little Gospel.
 Jesus and Nicodemus by Crijn Hendricksz, 1616–1645. John 3 ην δε ανθρωπος εκ των φαρισαιων νικοδημος ονομα αυτω αρχων των ιουδαιων 2  ουτος ηλθεν προς τον ιησουν νυκτος και ειπεν αυτω,  "ραββι οιδαμεν οτι απο θεου εληλυθας διδασκαλος - ουδεις γαρ ταυτα τα ...

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Do You Have Plans for Your Front Yard? - Neighbor Asks
My wife was visiting our next-door neighbor Mrs. Gardener when she was asked, "Do you have plans for your front yard?" Everyone else has a solid mass of bright green grass in their front yards, thanks to warmer weather and some substantial rains. We have no...

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Paul Gerhardt Hymn Service, Tonight, 7 PM Central Daylight Savings Time
The material on this post can be shared freely, without asking permission. I have put this together to promote the great doctrine, praise, and comfort hymns of Paul Gerhardt. Midweek Lenten Service 7 PM Central Daylight Savings Time Pastor Gregory L. Jackso...

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Before the Storm - Pruning and Watering Roses. <br>Really Bad Ideas about Growing Roses
Cats can be captured simply by putting a box out, the tighter the fit, the better. Yesterday promised a real thunderstorm, and more will be coming. Rain and hail delivered. My first thought yesterday was to get some major rose pruning done, to see which ros...

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The Icha-Slang Lexicon Will Be Part of the New Lutheran Dictionary
Someone has requested explanations for neologisms (new words) found on Ichabod, suggesting the term Ichaslang , which is yet another neologism. Bi-sectsual is a term for services that claim to blend Lutheran and Babtist worship. GA - is not a term I invente...

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Now Appearing in Our Springdale Garden - Arkansas
 Catmint has some manners, unlike catnip. Some consider it a substitute for lavender. The first new plant I noticed was cat mint, a mint that behaves better than catnip and some other mints that want to take over the world by root growth. I saw the first as...
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