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Since it appears +peter k isn't allowing comments on his thread regarding Jill Stein and Putin/Russia, I'll respond like this:

I think you are a shill for neo-cons and the CIA.

There are individuals that I follow that tend to post an inordinate amount of content every day and these posts end up dominating my feed.

I don't want to stop following them, but I would like to limit the number of posts that end up in my feed, perhaps using some threshold like the number of +1s or only posts that have generated a response. Is there a way to do this?

Another difficult hand to bid for me. I am sitting North. Bidding goes:

1NT P ?

S| <void>
H| J964
D| Q75432
C| QJ3

No agreements with partner other than SAYC.

My thinking is I'd like to find out if partner has 4 hearts but if they don't and bid 2S when I play Stayman, will they know my 3D rebid is a long diamond suit? Or, will they think it is a transfer to a long heart suit?

I ended up bidding 3D. Partner bid 3NT (oh no) and I corrected to 4D. Partner pushed to 5D.

This was partner's hand:

S| K3
D| J86
C| AK92

Down 1.
4H makes.
Luckily, our opponents somehow ended up in 5H and also went down 1.

Hmm...posted this before but it didn't format correctly. Trying again:

Just played this hand in a team match on BBO:

Sitting W:


Auction goes

1c P 1d P
2c P ?

What is your bid? What is the right contract?

Bernie is still viable and Hillary is worse than Trump. You are being manipulated by carefully crafted imagery. The Trump family and the Clinton family are friends. Trump is a New York liberal pretending to be racist. He is playing a role to support Hillary, to make people believe she is progressive by pretending to be conservative. But Hillary is farther right than Bush. Don't be fooled. The only election that matters is the one happening right now in the democratic primary. It's Bernie or more war. It's Bernie or more Poverty. Hillary is as corrupt as they come. Don't let the corporate media masters fool you. Remember what Malcolm X said: "To make people run towards a fox, show them a wolf." This is what they are doing. Trump is just a character to make you sigh a breath of relief when they give you the warmonger and Wall Street shill as your new President. Join us in spreading the truth about her. She and her husband have destroyed millions of lives. They are not progressive. Please please please think deeply about all this. Don't fall for the stage managed show. Once it clicks it will become obvious. The real battle is not between the Democrats and Republicans. It's between the corporate state (Big oil and Wall Street) and the people. The two parties are both corrupt and take their orders from their corporate managers. If you allow them to convince you into "lesser of two evils" thinking, they win.

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Question:  How can you determine the distance of a cosmologically distant object?

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Blatant evidence of voting machine fraud in Chicago during the 2016 primary. Forward to 24:00 for the start of public comments.

This is important. 

It shows that voting not only doesn't matter, it is actually counter-productive. 

What do the "vote blue no matter what" people have to say about this?

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Fraud in Massachusetts Democratic primary?

CNN adjusted the exit poll to match the primary results after the fact.

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College-educated elites, on behalf of corporations, carried out the savage neoliberal assault on the working poor. Now they are being made to pay. Their duplicity—embodied in politicians such as Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama—succeeded for decades. These elites, many from East Coast Ivy League schools, spoke the language of values—civility, inclusivity, a condemnation of overt racism and bigotry, a concern for the middle class—while thrusting a knife into the back of the underclass for their corporate masters. This game has ended.
The Democrats are playing a very dangerous game by anointing Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate. She epitomizes the double-dealing of the college-educated elites, those who speak the feel-your-pain language of ordinary men and women, who hold up the bible of political correctness, while selling out the poor and the working class to corporate power.
There is only one way left to blunt the yearning for fascism coalescing around Trump. It is to build, as fast as possible, movements or parties that declare war on corporate power, engage in sustained acts of civil disobedience and seek to reintegrate the disenfranchised—the “losers”—back into the economy and political life of the country. This movement will never come out of the Democratic Party. If Clinton prevails in the general election Trump may disappear, but the fascist sentiments will expand. Another Trump, perhaps more vile, will be vomited up from the bowels of the decayed political system. We are fighting for our political life. Tremendous damage has been done by corporate power and the college-educated elites to our capitalist democracy. The longer the elites, who oversaw this disemboweling of the country on behalf of corporations—who believe, as does CBS Chief Executive Officer Leslie Moonves, that however bad Trump would be for America he would at least be good for corporate profit—remain in charge, the worse it is going to get.
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