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Gregory Garvin
I love social media, design and finding ways to use technology to improve lifestyle.
I love social media, design and finding ways to use technology to improve lifestyle.

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We had the pleasure of feeding these wonderful and intelligent children in the weaving village of Navadwip. We continue to raise money to support their education and food each month.

The Golden Avatar Gurukula - My Heart in India. It is my hope to return to you soon to teach you how to sew and sell your garments as a trade program.

#RadheRadhe #FeedTheChildren #KrsnaKids +Chef Madhi Connors #TheGoldenAvatarGurukula #Navadwip #Nabadwip

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Google's myriad messaging apps: Which are best for you?

Read my column: )

Is Google a good choice for communication? With the exception of email, Google is not considered a leader in person-to-person communication apps and services. Skype, owned by Microsoft, tops the video calling space. Facebook dominates social media. Slack leads business chat-room messaging. WhatsApp rules mobile messaging. And besides the big platforms from the big companies, hundreds of startups have created appealing and innovative communications apps and services.

Google lags for a variety of reasons. Among these are confusion and uncertainty -- confusion about which app to use, uncertainty about whether Google will terminate any given product.

Google offers 12 communications apps and services. Alphabetically, these are: Allo, Chat, Gmail, Google+, Groups, Hangouts, Inbox, Messenger, Duo, Project Fi, Spaces and Voice. If you look at the various communication actions you might want to take -- voice calls, video calls, email, text messaging and social posting -- Google has at least two offerings for each.

It's confusing. But there are great reasons to choose Google products for communicating.

Here's everything you need to know to understand, choose from, and make the best use of Google's many communications apps and services:

#GoogleAllo #GoogleChat #GoogleGmail #Google+ #GoogleGroups #GoogleHangouts #GoogleInbox #GoogleMessenger #GoogleDuo #GoogleFi #GoogleSpaces #GoogleVoice

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Tech: Pinterest Wants Dudes: #technology #SocialMedia #men #marketing



We took notice a whole set of college coeds and Hooter girls on Pinterest while on Google+ they have a page. Has Pinterest considered a Hooter girls of the month partnership? I mean I love Hooters wings.


Think cars and motorcycle parts to upgrade one’s ride to add to the wonderful array of technology and menswear pins. From rims to custom mufflers for motorcycles, men are always interested in perfecting their ride. Partnerships with custom bike shops like our friends Garwood Custom Cycles​ or our Google+ friend +Ryan Konko from #MotoringExposure​, which would highlight guest pinners as a pilot program.

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Our sponsorship, food preparation, and service to 1,100 girls at #SandiPaniMuni girls empowerment school in Vrindavan, India. These young ladies were provided boarding, access to healthcare and education in return for their commitment to stay in school until they turned 18.

We coordinated with the administration to work in the kitchen where we prepared and cooked Sandi Pani Muni's school lunch, then served a nutritious meal to this diverse group of girls.

#foodie #MadhiFood #DoItDude #Vrindavan #women #food 

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Could this be the model #China is using for #ForeignPolicy ? It seems pretty similar.

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I just added this Chrome extension because it reminded me of some artwork on display along the modern art corridor at +The Metropolitan Museum of Art , New York. It is time to update my picture. #fashion   #art   #NYC   #DoItDude  

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My friend has just past.

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Now that the 2016 election season is over, +Do It Dude, Inc is releasing our USA Is Not The Same product line. "We feel it is necessary to highlight patriotism and America's exceptional role in the world as a super power.", says Gregory Garvin, Head Designer at Joy(ce).

Fitted and Made In America, our long sleeve men's t-shirt is great for the cold weather or as an undershirt. Several other products are available in the line from womenswear to pet accessories to thermal mugs. Democrats, Republicans and Independents can agree, that the design and fit are primo.

Buy now through Dec 5 to save 10%-15% off.

#Democrats   #Republicans   #Independents   #USA   #fashion   #menswear   #guys   #cars   #motorcycles   #LGBT   #UniteBlue   #GOP  
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