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Organizations of the Future
Are More Like Organisms

I can't say it any better than does +Jeffrey J Davis

Via +Jason Hurtado Daniels
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That's a pretty good question, +Daniel Estrada . In the context of the article, I would think he is talking about the artificial borders that organizations try to erect around themselves.
As per your link, to call cities artificial opposed to the 'natural' ant colony as being an artificial distinction is bang on,
+Daniel Estrada maybe it's Semantics, but my interpretation of what +Jack Vinson is saying is that people are somewhat multifunctional. Most people have the capability to add value to the organization in ways that aren't explicit in their function or their title or their block on the org chart. Unless the process flow of the organization has been totally compartmentalized and people really behave as single function units, the border can be thought of as artificial or at least too narrow. Let's let people get out of their boxes to unleash the organism!!

p.s. thanks for the link though, I subscribed.
That is the direction I was going: people have many more capabilities and interest than those that are assumed by their position / credentials. Organizations that can access more of those interests and direct them toward helping everyone (people + organization) succeed are going to do well.
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