Looking For Tribal Leaders
Transforming the Organization of the Future-Now

After a lot of trial and error, experimentation, and G+ smart swarming around the many concepts I have for what I generally refer to as the Organizations of the Future, I have settled into an actionable plan for what is a life long journey for those who want to lead the way towards a sustainable and highly distributed prosperous future.

I am breaking this down into two broad categories.
One-- Those who will lead in transforming their careers within their organizations in taking a lead role towards developing the 'organizations of the future.
Two-- Those that have a career based skill set as change agents that transform organizations.
That is, the first works internally within the organization (employed), the second works externally towards the organization (consulting). A hint here is that social networks, particularly Google Plus play an inseparable role in the overall strategy.

Our common characteristics are that we have a deep dissatisfaction with the current state and status quo path of this world, and we have at least an intrinsic sense of purpose towards the need for radical change and our role in that change. Importantly, while we may each be incredibly bright and/or talented, we accept that the "*room*" is smarter than we are. That is, we know that investing in connective intelligence gives us enormous advantages in leading in this highly complex, highly networked present and future environment. We also place a high value on science, trust, transparency, diversity, and the ability to network. (short list)

The very first step starts here in G+ with a circle of leaders who have a driving passion towards a better future, one that leverages our collective wisdom and distributed networked webs. After nine months in G+, I am convinced we have all the resources we need to play a leading role in radically transforming our socio-economic system. My personal belief is that it is our moral duty to do so. Future generations quality of lives depend on the actions we take today.

From that circle of leaders will emerge the core for creating the key to driving this forward in a meaningful way--a connective collaborative intelligent community. This community is the cornerstone, the foundation, of a system, process and strategy for developing the organizations that will lead the way towards a sustainable future. The system itself is based on what I call the three pillars--Living Systems Thinking; Organizational Learning, Social Technologies. The first transforms our mental models as to how we think and see the world, which in turn informs us as to what we and our organizations need to learn, which in turn informs us on how we use social technologies to engage the organization with its vested social eco-system (employees/supplychain, customers, investors).

Diversity to this tribe of leaders is highly important, as are numbers. Our collective goal is to grow the tribe to around 150. Our community will reside in the caucus environment as a subset of +Howard Rheingold 's Brainstorms online community.

If we get the chemistry and shared understanding right, I steadfastly believe it will give us as individuals and as a network an enormous competitive advantage in our careers and purpose to transform meaningful and lasting change on our organizations and the long term evolution towards what I call The Sentient Eco-System Economy.

Starting today, I am looking for the people who want to be part of this Tribal Leadership circle, with the aim of developing from that circle the leaders who understand the system and strategy and want to commit to what I call the BrainstormsPro collaborative community network.
If you become part of this circle, I will be sending out notified posts 3-4 times a week with the purpose of developing our shared sense of understanding of the plan, the system and process, the framework, the foundational resources, and actionable steps. How much action depends on chemistry and connections we make around the system and how you want to proceed in it and with it.

I've tagged some of you because of our shared sense of purpose, and/or previous interest in the initiatives I've put out previously.

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