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Gregory Esau

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Coase--21 Century Edition
Lowering Transaction Costs

A straightforward look.
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Gregory Esau

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The Devil You Know
Versus The Devil You Don't

This actually ties into a previous post on maintenance. Part of the issue here in vendor lock-in (the devil you know), which was the mantra of the hybrid cloud builders, but the market has shown otherwise. As IT is in essence a maintenance issue, dealing with the somewhat more clear certainties of the 'public cloud' (a bit of a misnomer, no?) is preferable to the somewhat more uncertain world of hybrid--aka Cloud-as-a-Service.
What's interesting here is this doesn't show that AWS is ranked higher than IBM's hybrid offerings, but rather that reading between the lines, it is that owning your own cloud is not a good investment. The technical reasons for this are far beyond my scope, however, the smart money seems to indicate that owning your maintenance is not the wise choice.

Via +Paulo Silveira
The best hybrid cloud providers are failing in the public cloud, perhaps because they're not cloudy enough.
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Gregory Esau

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Twenty-First Century Skills and Leadership
Are The Defining Factors

This is a fascinating bit of research, particular for what they found for skills and style needed.

Since 2009 we have interviewed and surveyed 181 executives who run PE-owned companies, as well as eight to 15 people who work with each of these 181 executives (supervisors, board members, director reports, and others). From looking at the qualities of the CEOs at the best-performing of these firms, we have found three fundamental CEO qualities that drive growth in the most successful PE investments:

>>Systems thinking (the capacity to understand how a change in one aspect of the workings of an operation affects the others)
>>Building alignment and commitment to the firm’s strategy (in particular, by emphasizing empathy as much as urgency)
>>Selectively developing top team members to accomplish the strategy

Too many CEOs fall short of these skills. Here are the most common CEO selection mistakes we see.
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Gregory Esau

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Not Repetitive Cascades
Is The Trick

I've read other pieces that makes the same argument, this one is a pretty good synopsis of the findings. 
According to new research, practice doesn’t make actually make perfect.
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Gregory Esau

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Of Plantations
And Rainforests

Rainforests create new value, plantations manage the extraction of value.
While Hamel and Zanini make a very compelling case by the numbers for the cost and drag of plantation bureaucracy on the economy, I do not think it is a straightforward transition from plantation manager to the high value creation and innovation of rainforests.
It's a big leap from managing operational processes to the kinds of environments particular to innovative ecosystems.
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Gregory Esau

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Welcome to the Party

I like Google's odds here...
Google’s new ride-sharing service may compete with Uber — and perhaps be cheaper

The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that Alphabet-owned Google is set to “take on Uber” with its own ride-sharing service that would charge “far cheaper rates” than competitors. Earlier this year, Google piloted its service with employees at different companies from within its Waze navigation app, The Journal reported. It now plans to allow any Waze user in San Francisco to use the new feature this fall. However, as Recode noted, Google’s service won’t directly compete with Uber — not yet, at least. The key difference between Google and Uber/Lyft is its focus on carpooling versus an on-demand taxi business. The beta program, which lets drivers pick up passengers heading in the same general direction, charges riders 54 cents a mile — cheaper than Uber and Lyft — and Google does not take a cut. The idea seems to be less about drivers making money, and more on helping people carpool and cover gas costs.
Uber, Lyft, and now, Google? The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that Alphabet-owned Google is set to "take on Uber" with its own ride-sharing service
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Gregory Esau

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And now for something completely different.

A photo taken with my LG G5, but of what? Google+ Profile–Privacy · My Account · Google+ Profile Icon. (default) · All your Google+ pages › · Add account · Sign out. Google Account.
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Haaahaaa, +Stefan Quandt ! Here's to good old fashion wetware!!
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Gregory Esau

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Capitalism's Poor Cousin

A thought provoking piece from +Peter Feltham via the good folks at the +EthosVO - The Future of Work. Now community.

The article is...well, thought provoking, as we as societies tend to greatly undervalue maintenance.
However, squaring this off against the (cult of) innovation and capitalism is an unnecessary dichotomy.

The reality is that infrastructure building and maintenance is a tough sell to budget strapped governments everywhere. Taxpayers for the most part aren't enthusiastic, although some better data here would be helpful. 
Capitalism excels at innovation but is failing at maintenance, and for most lives it is maintenance that matters more
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+Rick Heil ...Yes! Another great point.
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Gregory Esau

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Upsetting the Balance of Power
Really, These Findings Are Not That Surprising

What can be said here for analytics can also be said for innovation.
As per the theme of a previous post, this comes down to putting personal self interest ahead of the organization.

Such skepticism led us to study the impact that analytics has had on our clients over the last 20 years. Our surprising finding: Efforts to adopt analytics upset the balance of power in the C-suite, and this shift often had a negative impact on analytics initiatives.
They disrupt the balance of power in the C-suite.
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Gregory Esau

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Special Interests
Trumps the Greater Good

Nothing really surprising here, as this could also pass for a great primer for politics as usual with the Republic of the United States.
Retaining power, retaining their seats over-rides the necessity of even attempting to better address cybersecurity.
Note: This isn't about big or little government, but rather politics within a republic, and the dysfunctional process that has grown around it. 
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Gregory Esau

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Ray Dalio
China Or Bust

Unlike the West, there will unlikely be contagion. 
Thomson ReutersRaymond Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates.The world's biggest hedge fund firm thinks that China is preparing for a bust.Ray Dalio's B
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Gregory Esau

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Find the Pattern in the Data
Use the Data to Clarify the Pattern

We all know the problems of force fitting, or cherry picking data to fit a preconceived notion or support a pet theory.

I don't think this is the end of theory, but rather having a process of when and how to look for new patterns, or enhance existing ones. 
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