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Imagine how much money you'd save by using a 9 node Riak/KV cluster on EC2 (FreeBSD/ZFS) for your persistent data and then this "instance per-request" model with say Elixir or Nitrogen for your dynamic site implementation.  It could be huge.
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Gregory Burd

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Handy, simple service.
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Gregory Burd

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Please donate a few dollars to the FreeBSD project, chances are you're using it and don't even know it.
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Gregory Burd

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My Nexus 10 arrived last night.  I luv it.  One minor nit, it's too wide to use the "double thumb" typing technique in landscape mode (even for my over-sized hands).  I've reset my trusty HP Touchpad/CyanogenMod/Android-hacked system and put it on eBay.  I'm anxiously awaiting the release of a nice protective case and a charging stand for my nightstand table.  Now, if Verizon supported the Nexus 4 I'd be done migrating away from Apple for most of my daily use electronics.
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+Neil Smith if I need a keyboard I'm hopeful that I can get a Clamcase for the Nexus 4 (  +CyanogenMod is amazing, I liked it so much that I donated money to them more than once.  CM9 on the HP Touchpad was excellent and quite stable.  CM10 is ALPHA-quality, still a work in progress so getting the latest Android 4.2 is possible, but not for the unforgiving user.  The camera never worked quite right with CM on Touchpad and there were one or two other glitches but all in all I'd highly recommend CyanogenMod to anyone.  I think that if you've gotten a phone with bloat-ware or other garbage packed in you should consider dumping that for a CM ROM (if they support your device).
+Justin Streufert good thinking!  I'll give that keyboard a try.
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Gregory Burd

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I've switched to booting Ubuntu with the Cinnamon desktop on my MacBook Pro, which for my daily needs (software hacking, web surfing, etc.) is much easier and less picky.  Apple, if you're listening you've started to lose your developer base.  Oh, and I enjoy my Android 4.2 Touchpad more than my iPad even though it's a very alpha port at this point.  The worm has turned... for me at least.  Anyone else?
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I broke down and ordered a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD).  Now I need stickers to cover up the Windows logos and other cruft.  I'll let you know if it works as I hope or not, my MBP has been working quite well as a Linux daily use system for a while now, I wonder if I'll miss it?
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Gregory Burd

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My wife, Francesca Gino (Associate Professor, Harvard Business School) has just published a book titled, Sidetracked: Why Our Decisions Get Derailed and How We Can Stick to the Plan. Her motivation was the simple, but profound observation that what we set out to do and what we end up doing are two very different things. Why is it that we become sidetracked in our decision making process? Her book combines research and real world stories to illustrate why the best laid plans often go astray as she identifies specific principles to help stay on track.
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Gregory Burd

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This past Thu 12/13/2012 at 12:41PM my son, Alexander Burd, was born. Both he an mom, Francesca Gino, are healthy. My wife and I are thrilled to be the parents of such a wonderful little man, we are truly blessed. Pictures soon...
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Congratulations to you both. That's great news. I know you'll enjoy being a dad. 
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Gregory Burd

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Knowledge is power, but ignorance is bliss.  Knowledge wins.  I think I'll order a few of these for Christmas gifts and send them to my family.
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I did this! It's awesome.
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Gregory Burd

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Finally, something to ask Santa for this Christmas!  I cut my teeth on this keyboard back in the early 1990's, everything old is new again.
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If you have an extra send it to me!  There has to be a NeXTSTEP virtualbox image available somewhere, that'd be much easier to work with.
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Gregory Burd

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Keep it open, keep it safe.
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