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This video summarizes the infrastructure that supports the chief goal of the OEI and includes an articulation of the benefits for all our students. Thanks Phil for your support and publicity.
Last month we presented two explainer videos on the growing usage of course exchanges, where multiple institutions pool resources in creating or extending online courses. ((Disclosure: Our e-Literate
I am teaching a history class this upcoming semester and am excited about flipping part of each meeting, as I have done in the past. I'm using a new text that doesn't perfectly fit with what I did before, and I'm excited about trying this new technique I read about on
Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places. You know those times when you’re on social media, late at night, and you get sucked into the black hole that keeps fueling your desire to click here and there even though it’s 1:00 am on a school night and you know better? Yeah, that was … Continue reading Using #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly in history
Remember students to stay in college. Finish this semester and come back in the spring.
Thanks to +John Green and +TED  for this excellent video on the creation of learning spaces on the internet. It is a challenge for the discussions in our online classes, where the unenrolled are unable to tread, to generate the same vitality of spontaneous YouTube comment streams. I will share this video with my students in hopes they remember how wonderful learning can be outside of class.
Posting a video on how to export a D2L course. Though it is a better idea to rebuild a course in a new learning management system instead of expecting a direct import from another one to work well, many of us will appreciate being able to play with a direct import in a sandbox course.
Today and tomorrow I'm attending the IEPI Pathways Workshop on restructuring community colleges. This is one of two offerings (the other is in southern California) and is largely based on the book Redesigning America's Community Colleges. We are fortunate to have one of its authors, +Davis Jenkins, as our keynote today.

Over the next couple of days a few people from my college will take a look at how we help students enroll, persist, and complete their ed plans. Giving our students more structure is good for them based on the research, and we will be encouraged to switch from a buffet to a prix fixe model.

Change is hard, but whatever happens I hope that we keep the beauty that comes from serendipity, from the opportunity to turn a hobby into career. That's what happened to me.
By far my favorite YouTube creator shows how to recover from a mistake. Good lessons in here for scholars, production managers, and leaders of all kinds.
Thanks to my colleague Jena Bills for sharing this article with me. We too find that the interactions with our online students can be deeper and more meaningful than what we experience in face-to-face classes.

If it's true that it only costs $510 to teach a three-credit class online at Georgia Tech, then what is USC spending that extra $5,025 on?
A Georgia Tech computer science program at drastically reduced prices could change the way we think about the problem of college costs.
I attended InstructureCon this year and found it to be the best conference I have attended so far. It helps a lot to have the focus on a specific tool so that the presentations and vendors at least have that in common. I hope Instructure keeps up the excellent planning and look forward to attending in the future.
Who holds accountable the algorithms we use in education, especially when we use learning management systems, student information systems, and even email systems to help us teach students?
We need more due process protections to assure the accuracy of the algorithms that have become ubiquitous in our lives.
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I am the distance education coordinator at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento. I also teach classes in history, how to be a successful online student, and how to be a healthcare IT trainer. 

I have the privilege of representing the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges as a member of the Online Education Initiative Steering Committee and the state chancellor's Distance Education Technical Advisory Committee.
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