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Gregory Barbe
Just a simple Mad Scientist Looking for My Doomsday Device.
Just a simple Mad Scientist Looking for My Doomsday Device.

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In honor of Nightmare Night.

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I had no idea so many comedians suffer from depression.


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Sweet.  Go Penguins!
Special Update: now supports Linux. 50+ games available today, many of them up to 75% off on our special launch promo:

Distro-independent tar.gz archives provided, Ubuntu and Mint DEBs supported.

Happy Linux Launch day, everyone!

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The FCC is taking public comments about it's plan to remove all net neutrality rules from ISP's.  Watch the video, follow this link to leave your comment with the FCC.

Tell them to reclassify broadband internet as a title II common carrier telecommunications service.  (Make sure you use that language) This puts them under the same rules as the Telephone company.  

For reference or ideas this is what I wrote.

"I'm commenting to urge the FCC to scrap its plan to allow Internet service providers to charge for preferential treatment. These rules would destroy Net Neutrality. I urge the FCC to throw them out and instead reclassify broadband as a reclassify broadband internet as a title II common carrier telecommunications service. This is the only way to restore real Net Neutrality.

Without Net Neutrality the ISP's will be the ultimate arbitor of what speech can or can not be seen or heard.  It would allow companies like Comcast to degrade competitors services with impunity.  Companies like Facebook and Google, that created thousands of jobs in the USA, would never have succeded if the ISP's were allowed to degrade or block their services.  

Net neutrality is better for the free market, it is better for consumers, and it is better for America."

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This is going to be interesting. If 34 states call for a constitutional convention then it must occur. Michigan is either the 33 or 34th state to do so. The discrepancy is in whether a state (in this case Louisiana) can rescind their call (which they did in 1990). If it is determined that you cannot rescind then we get a constitutional convention.

There's a second caveat to be worked out. The states that made this call all said it is for the purpose of passing a Balanced Budget amendment. But there is nothing in the constitution that limits what can be changed during a convention. This would mean the entire constitution could be changed. They could scrap the Education department, get rid of your right to bear arms, establish an Official religion, hell they could bring slavery back O_o!! As many complaints as I have with the current US government I would not want to risk a free for all rewrite. I just see too many bad things happening when many problems can be solved with Congress passing a Law, instead of an amendment.

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I wish this was fake. General Mills says that by using a coupon, engaging with them through any social media, or even just buying their product at the supermarket you are entering in to a binding contract that forbids any legal remedy through the courts for disputes. Only arbitration can be used. By their argument this post waives my right to sue them in the future should they cause me harm.

This is the fallout from the 2011 SCOTUS case AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion. The court ruled that the Federal Arbitration Act of 1925 preempts state laws that prohibit contracts from disallowing class action lawsuits. Since then every company in the US has been updating it's contracts to forbid lawsuits for any dispute (not just Class actions).
This was at least done with a contract that you had the ability to read ahead of time. General Mills is saying if you click the "Like" button on FB you give up your right to sue them for any reason.
Well I guess we had a nice run at being a Democracy and a First World nation. With Congress and SCOTUS firmly in the pockets of big business this is not gonna change. Wonder how long we can last as a Third World Oligarchy before we have an "American Spring"?

#generalmills #generalmillscereals #scotus #scotussucks #congress #congresssucks #cherrios  

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So some slimeball in Washington slipped a clause into this years farm bill that removed the statute of limitations on debt collections if the debt is owed to the government.  The previous limit was 10 years.  Since many of the alleged debtors are dead, the IRS is taking the tax refunds of the surviving children. 

Children should never be responsible to pay a parents debt. 

But this story has taught me one lesson.  Keep you Tax/Social Security paperwork forever.  Don't follow the advice on the IRS website to only keep the last 3 years.  Some of the debts they are collecting on are more than 30 years old!!

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"Yeah, bitch! Magnets!"

Navy is testing a railgun that shoots a 23lb projectile at Mach 7 (~5,328mph)!!! Just watch the video. There are no explosives involved despite what the flame coming out of the barrel would make you think.

(Quick Physics Lesson) The projectile is moving so fast that it compresses the air in front on it, thereby raises its temperature, to a degree sufficient to cause the oxygen in the air to spontaneously combust.

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GOG is adding linux support.  Sweet!  They're targeting the Ubuntu/Mint distros just like Steam did.  This should mean running GOG games on Steam OS should work.  
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