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Inspiration, Content Creation, Productivity and Personal Development
Inspiration, Content Creation, Productivity and Personal Development


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Here is a case study showing that longer psts get the most shares.

Whether it is a Google Plus post or a post at your blog, writing a large amount of text seems to be a good idea.
The Anatomy of a Shareable, Linkable & Popular Post

Want to create content that's highly shareable?  

What exactly is the 'secret sauce'?  

It's something we'd all like to know. 

All you need to do is read this article from +HubSpot and you'll find the answers!

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Creating content brings results over a long term.
Here is an in depth article that describes the differences between tracking the results of your traditional (paid) advertising witj that of your content and social media engagements.
The Content Marketing Puzzle
Okay, so you've probably noticed, I've put together a new Collection here called The Best Articles Of All Time

I had to.  Since I read this article from +Mark Schaefer it prompted me to start something like this.  A place where I could come back and read some of the most important articles in the marketing industry.

If you haven't read this one, you should bookmark it if you don't have time right now and read it later.  This is possibly the best one I've ever seen in this industry.

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George has already summarized this post quite nicely so I will let you get to it.
Here are the 5 business habit areas that I've found to be essential in creating an authentic, service-based business.

As you look at these 5, I invite you to write down which tasks and habits feel most important for you to do. Any details that come to mind, write it down.


This is the set of activities where you focus on bringing clients into your business.

Habits in this area include:

Test your offerings in the market (with your audience or referral partners audiences)

Optimize the price of your offerings

Network with referral sources

Announce your offerings to your audience, occasionally

Conduct exploratory calls with prospective clients

Which of these feel important to you? Are there other habits for enrollment (and sales) that are essential for your business? Write it down.

(In the next video I will give more details about these habits. For now, though, I invite you to write down your own ideas because your business is unique.)


This is the set of activities where you share your message/knowledge, experience, and presence with the world.

I've talked a lot about the benefits of generously sharing content for your own development, your clients, and the world.

This habit area is a lot about consistency.

You only excel in this area by regularly creating and sharing content. You cannot grow by only reading or taking courses about content. You must actually produce.

Write down what habit(s) feel important to you re: content creation and sharing.


This habit area is about regularly improving the way you interact with your clients,

This includes their intake experience, to your preparation of a client session, the session experience itself, what assignments you give the clients, the follow-up to the session, and how you interact with clients in-between sessions.

To ensure improvement, regularly observe and coach yourself about making your service more effective and delightful for your clients.

Even a 1% improvement each week can make you 50% better in a year.

Remember: the most authentic marketing is to need no marketing. It is when your services are so good, that your clients naturally and eagerly refer you.

Once you get a solid base of clients (from the Enrollment habit) and you focus on making your services as awesome as possible, then one day you may find that you no longer need to do outreach. Your clients are genuinely and happily doing the outreach for you. So improve your services!


I talked about this habit area in the previous article: physical, emotional, mental habits.

See the article here:

When you install joyful productivity habits into your daily working life, you are able to reach your goals with a lot more ease.


Finally, the habit area most people don't like to talk about: Money.

Unfortunately most of us were not raised to wisely steward money.

We carry bad habits into adulthood that can cause a lot of stress, and feelings of (and actual) scarcity.

But it is never too late, and it's never too soon, to begin practicing a healthier relationship to money, spending wisely, and saving.

Write down what tasks and habits you would love to develop re: a healthier relationship with money.


These are the 5 areas that have been instrumental in my being able to create my true livelihood (which of course, is always being clarified and improved.)

Again, I recommend writing down what comes to your mind regarding the above areas for your business. Make a true intention to install good habits in these areas. It can make a big positive difference in your journey of creating your true livelihood.

In the next video I will give more details about each of these habits.


The best of these articles, delivered monthly for free:

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Here is a great webinar for branding.
reserve your spot.
Live Free Webinar
On October 14th I will be hosting a free live webinar that will show you how to Super Glue Your Customer To Your Brand and there's a lot of great stuff that I need to share with you.

Sign up here:

What You Get

-Why People Are Attracted To Brands
-7 Tweaks You Should Be Making To Your Social
-How To Create Conversations With Influencers & Customers
-How To Display What The Customer Wants Every Time
-Deeper Look at The Relationship Funnel & How You Can Guide Your Brand Into Success
-3 Things You Should Be Doing With Your Profile

...and much more!

Plus you will get 2 Workbooks To Help Your Business Determine Where It Should Be Going as well!

This one's going to be some of my very best work.  I have been writing the Relationship Manifesto these past few months and it has taken me into some deep research inside the mind of the customer and colleague and there are some interesting facts that you should know where your brand is concerned with these people.

The first workbook will be given to you immediately (because there is 10 min of homework) and the 2nd will be sent to you before the webinar.

I hope to see you there!  Sign up here:

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Intention is more important than actions.
Many beings get hung up on actions and the results of those actions.

If I tell you a woman cut my stomach open with a knife, would you judge her as being harmful? What if I told you she was a surgeon performing an operation?

Suddenly the intention becomes clear.

An angry man yelling at someone in the supermarket may appear hostile but perhaps he was defending a small boy who was pushed out of line.

It is far too easy to pass judgment on someone without understanding the intention behind their actions.

If your intention is pure,the results of your actions are secondary.
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Looking forward seems longer than looking back.

Time is a strange concept. When planning for the future we tend to think it will be a long time before seeing results.

Contrast that to looking at the past. So often we look back over the previous year and think my how time has flown.

If the past moves quickly then perhaps we can remember this when thinking of the future. The next time you are impatient with your goals just remember that the day after yesterday is today.

Time waits for noone so grab onto each moment as if it was your last.

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Our perspectives often dictate our results.
Today George shares with us some useful insights about how we should look at the risks we take in life.

I particularly wanted to share this post because it is full of useful text you can absorb before clicking through to the actual post.
Is it possible to achieve success effortlessly?

Many people wish to... but they end up falling for deceptive business opportunities and marketing schemes that promise effortless wealth, but don't deliver.

However, I am here to tell you that it is possible, but not in the surface-level way that most understand it to be.

First, let us understand that deep and lasting happiness requires something that many people are unwilling to do:

Hard work.  Discomfort.
And yet, there is a way to practice discomfort and hard work that can actually be enjoyable, light, and fulfilling.

It is to shift your perspective about risk, the possibility of "failure."


When you remember that you are completely, truly secure, and will always be taken care of, you come to see that the present risks in front of you are just part of an adventure.  

You are in an adventure, role-playing game called Your Life.

When you approach risk, danger, discomfort, and hard work from a perspective of eternal safety, and present adventure, your work becomes "effortless" because you are no longer suffering. 

You aren't truly afraid to fail anymore, so all work becomes play.  Effort-less.

This is what is meant by "find work you love and you'll never work a day in your life."  You may be expending energy, but there is no suffering, so there is no feeling of "effort" in your mind.


However, "finding work you love" can take many, many years to create.  More on that here:


So if you depend on finding "work you love" in order to stop suffering in your work, you are wasting a lot of your life.  You can stop that now.  You can stop suffering now.

You can stop suffering by taking a moment, anytime you need to work on something difficult, to shift your perspective about risk, danger, discomfort, and hard work.  

You willingly and happily experience "discomfort" because you see the fun in it: it is part of your adventure game.  You as the larger player are totally safe!

(Remember: without risk, discomfort, hard work, the game is not fun, and you do not grow in skill as quickly.)

Give thanks for the opportunity to do hard work, because life becomes worthwhile and meaningful.  It becomes fun from a higher perspective.


A couple of tips:

1. Let your periods of discomfort be short at first, then longer, as you learn how to practice it skillfully, how to enjoy it.

2. Set up the rest of your life to have as little drama as possible, so that you will have the willpower to practice discomfort (and therefore, growth) in your work.  

"Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work." - Gustave Flaubert 

3. You never need to "grit your teeth" or "just get through this" or "bite the bullet."  _That_ normal, militaristic way of experiencing discomfort will multiply stress, make you extend your stress beyond yourself, and eventually, hurting others.

Instead, practice discomfort by first anchoring yourself in total inner security.

4. It helps me a lot to breathe intentionally.

Whenever I experience discomfort in my work (eg stretching beyond my abilities, going into territory I don't have full knowledge of, or reaching out and not knowing if I will get a positive response), I take a moment to breathe in Love, and breathe out Play.

It is a moment for me to remind myself of everything I have written you above.

Then I can continue with the work in a state of happy hard work.  Effortless effort.  Struggle-free discomfort.  Stretching beyond my comfort zone while having a larger deeper sense of total security.

By being willing to experience discomfort, I improve my abilities and reach a higher level of success and happiness.

I also recommend reading this article by Leo Babauta, "Why the fear of discomfort may be ruining your life" --


The best of these articles, delivered monthly, for free:

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Are you spending too much time on Facebook?
Sometimes one has to weigh time spent against benefits gained. +Tova Payne​ shares with us jer realization that just because you are working hard on something doesn't mean you should.

I would also add,Tova that you should divert some of that time to engaging here on Google Plus. You have at least one fan, and I am happy to introduce you to everyone here that I know and respect.
All new article today. This isn't about social media per se. It's about online activities that on the surface may seem biz related but really are a total drain. Find out the difference and check if your online strategy is hurting or helping your creativity & productivity
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