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Gregory Allan
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Gregory Allan

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Don't expect people to follow you back on Google Plus

Google+ is far too powerful to be thinking in terms of following a bunch of random people in hopes of getting follow backs. While that approach may work in those other social networks it is short sighted thinking when applied to Google Plus and represents a misunderstanding about just how versatile
and powerful the system really is.

The best was to build a network, like any structure is to have a solid foundation. This means reputation but also relevance. Someone will not and should not follow you unless to are a good match for that person. When I seek out new people
I am not thinking in terms of having them follow me. Here's an example.

Let's say I am looking to connect with some people more successful than myself. I conduct a search based on the topic in mind and I visit some people's stream and start to get to know a few folks. I subscribe (follow) someone and then I
get into a discussion by contributing a comment under a post.

Over time this pays off in terms of getting intelligence that I would otherwise have had to pay for. It also builds a new relationship, but it goes much further than that. For one thing it helps the author in question because it keeps the discussion going. But it also brings others together and helps the community at large.

The fact that the person you followed does not follow you back should not be taken as an insult. They have different interests and needs. We all do. The value you get by participating in discussions with them is more important anyways.

Don't measure success by the number of followers you have. Measure it by the quality of discussions you initiate or participate in. Your followers come from other people in the discussion not from the person you followed!

It gets even better thanks to the development team at Google. Since our comments and updatse all contribute to the search pool, you will find that new followers are coming from outside your own circles and outside of your intended target's circles.

So get a plan to find 3 or 4 leaders ahead of you in a field and contribute to their discussions. Get involved in the discussion don't just post and run.

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+Gregory Allan  Where are you btw?
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Gregory Allan

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Tiredness is just boredom disguised?

Grant talks to day about finding new things in your life to get yourself excited. If you are not scared and uncomfortable once in a while then you are likely to get bored and not live up to your potential.
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Nope. I'm just exhausted. Too much work and not enough pure sleep. No boredom.
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Gregory Allan

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Morning Peeps. I am kinda tired so rather than write dust off one of my own, here is a good resource post for you all to take a gander at.
8 Handy Tools to Get Google+ Widget/Badge for Personal Profile

Promote yourself on your blog/website using following tools.

(In no particular order)
1. Plus Scriptrr
>> link opens in new tab.
>> Fast update process.
>> Simplycity
>>You can't customise Height.
>> It doesn't display your feeds.
>> Includes link back to

2. The Widget+
>> Available in following languages : Chinese - Dutch - English - French - German - Italian - Portuguese - Spanish - Swedish
>> You can Include update feed in this widget.
>> Full Customisation:
-------> You can coustomise Text font in five different formats( Calibri, Garamond, Gergia, Helvetica, Times New Roman), Widget width(Minimum widget width 160px), Background color, Border color, Line color,

>> Link opens in Pop-up window
>> Slow update process.

3. Google Plus Widget: Only for wordpress blogs.

4. The awesome Google+ Widget:
Customisations: you can customise dimensions, shell and social bar.

5. G+ widget
>> It display your full feeds with image.
>> Available in two colours(blue and silver)

6. Google plus stream Widget for wordpress blogs

7. widgplus: Include scroller

8. Google+ widget By mirecek
Not sure if it works properly or not.

#googleplustips #gplustip #googleplustip #googleplulsbadge #gplusbadge #blogger #blogging #wordpress #blog #gpluswidget #socialmedia #sm #googleplustutorials #rrtip #googleplusbadge #tipoftheday #usefultip #bloggers
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Thanks for the information. Husband and I will be moving our blog to domain in near future plus new format is in the works so this info will be invaluable.
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Gregory Allan

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Circle Management 101 - 4 Types of Circles
#googleplus #newbies

Continuing my ongoing series for #circlemanagement101 I will get into a little bit deeper analysis on different ways to classify your content publishers at Google Plus.

The problem:
Publishers of content are not getting their messages seen as more and more posts are appearing in their followers' streams.
Readers are getting overwhelmed by noisy posters and too many subscriptions in their incoming streams.

The solution: Act on the tactics covered in this article and get the most value out of your Google+ experience.


In this installment of Circle Management 101 we will be covering the organization and structuring of incoming streams.

A later article will deal with publishing to circles. For now we will assume that most of your posts are made public. Until you have a lot of engaged followers you should only be posting publicly because this is how you get exposure, through sharing (not possible when posting privately to circles) and through the act of people searching for keywords you post about.

Disclaimer: Since I do not know you I cannot really inform you completely on how to manage your circles. These are general guidelines only. I would be happy to help anyone on a more personal level. Let me know if you have any questions.

Warning: This could take you an hour to setup and regular weekly maintenance to keep everything in order. If you are afraid of a little thinking on your part and a fair bit of effort you should not continue reading. If on the other hand you want to be a Google Plus power user then read on.


In order to take full advantage of this lesson you need to know why you are here. I don't mean why you are here reading this but why are you using Google+. There are a few different types of users. Which one are you?

1) The casual personal user:
This type of user is mostly interested in reading a few informing, educational or humorous posts each day. Normally they are not looking to add a lot of followers to their ranks and mostly they just want to share stuff and chat with friends.

2) The information hound:
This person is either a prolific writer or just someone who wants to acquire a lot of new knowledge on various topics. Since they are able to absorb more information than the average person, they do not want to tolerate disorganized or
irrelevant information hitting their circle streams.

3) The networker:
This type of user wants to connect with as many people as they can handle. They normally participate in discussions through the comments at posts. They also end up getting a diverse range of new followers that need to be categorized.

There are of course other types of users but each of us has 1 or more of the above character traits in us. The point here is to understand what you want to get out of your experience at Google+.

Time in relation to the number of posts you receive

Ask yourself 'how much time do I have each day to read my incoming content?'. Next, take a look at how many people are posting to your home stream each day. Last I checked I G+ displays up to 25 posts on the first page of your stream.

One goal could be to have most of your primary content displayed on the first page of your main stream. If you have a lot of people you follow then you will need to take advantage of topics and noise level circles as we shall see below.

25 Posts could be one post from 25 different people or perhaps 2-3 posts from 6 to 10 people. It is up to you but getting some basic circles organized will help save you some headaches.

Types of circles and their uses:

There are 4 main types of circles you can create: topical; quantitative;relational and functional. An approach I use is to prefix my topics with their type.

For example circles could be called:

Topical Circles:
This one should be obvious as a group of circles that cover topics you are interested in. For example i have (more than) a few topical circles such as: Social Marketers, Personal Branding Coaches, Chrome developers,etc....

Relational Circles:
These are the types of circles you use to keep track of your different relationships. Having a cirlce such as relational-conversed reminds me who has been communicating and therefore who I want to continue to read first before others.

Quantitative Circles:
These types of circles are used to better handle content frequency. I have some people who post 4,5 or 6 posts in a row! While I do appreciate their content I just cannot have them plugging up my main content stream. Turn your noisy circle down to low (or zero) and your seldom circle up to high (or full).

Functional Circles:
This is an optional type of circle classification you can use to keep track of those you learn from, those that inspire, those you teach etc..


So now you have plenty of ideas to better organize your content streams. Please share any ideas or questions you have in the comments below.
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Thank you for this +Gregory Allan. I have been trying to manage my circles for months. It is quite time consuming, but I think once I get them set, things should be much easier. I agree with +Claude Rieth that the structured circles, like I have, still become overloaded and hard to manage.
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Gregory Allan

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Here's my favorite Circle:

Google+ goodness!

This is the one circle I check no matter how busy I am.

Go ahead and enjoy!

#Jaanatip #circleshare #circle
In this Circle:
Add people
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Gregory Allan

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Your True Value and Prosperity is Your Influence

Anything worthwhile takes time. The rewards for persistence and steady effort are many times the effort you put in but the efforts you put in today can appear not to matter. Without a vision and an understanding of how little steps add up to big results, it is rarely possible to continue long enough to see the rewards.

Maybe you are someone wanting to earn your income online or you have a desire to be self reliant and give up your job. Maybe you just want to create a platform where you can share your knowledge or art with the world in a big way. Either way there is good news. You can claim your share of the network. You just need to understand how influence works.

When you wield enough influence, people will value what you have to say. There is no special ability you need, no special talent is required other than suggesting the right things to the right people. Before we continue just understand that the how to attract wealth is the easy part. Once you have influence.

Examples of how influence alone creates success.

Take a look at any famous athlete with product endorsements. While they certainly have talent in their sport, it was their fame and influence alone that allowed them to earn a million dollars for wearing a pair of shoes in public.

Well known celebrities make millions of dollars on reality tv shows using little or no talent at all. In fact some of these people get paid for allowing a camera to capture just how idiotic they can be!

So let us agree that influence is what you should be after. Influence and authority can be built with time and effort. Luckily Google Plus gives us much more ability to do so than any other system in the world. While it is true we can use other social networks to make connections with people, the G+ network seems to be set-up in a way that lends itself to more natural growth than any of its would be competitors.

A Few Ways To Start Developing Your Influence:

Understand that your posts are your future history, not something to be read by everyone today
Rather than count your comments or track how many people follow you, understand that the topics you post under and the posts you choose to share will slowly start to paint the picture of you.

This applies to established users with large audiences as well. I have seen many people who were already established and well read who were still discovering their voice. Your posting is an ongoing creative process that shapes your flavor, your brand of you.

Write, Post and Communicate Like A Leader
Whether you are already there or not, you need to write and communicate like someone who is already influencing thousands of people. Be responsible in what you publish. Never lie about your abilities but always be confident about what you do know and don`t be afraid to show it.

Stick With the Few Topics You Know
If you are jumping around from topic to topic no one will get the chance to know you and you yourself will not be able to develop your own personal theme. Once you stay well within a narrower range of subjects the right people will gravitate towards you.

Constantly Comment On Good Posts That Inspire You
You do not need to write a huge comment but just make it thoughtful and on topic. You are NOT commenting for the purpose of personal gain. You are commenting because it helps you develop your voice and it reveals you to yourself and to others. People that drop comments all over hoping to get a lot of people follow them are not only shallow but usually not very successful at it either.

Pick Your Core Group of Mentors to Follow
This smaller group of 3 to 10 people or so are the ones where you will post longer comments or perhaps even multiple comments on a single discussion. Get involved by responding to other people as they comment. Try to keep the conversation going. Jump in and help the readers there if you can.

#insight #networking
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Exactly. When we look to the future we think I cannot wait a whole year and then when we look back we see just how fast a year has passed!
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Gregory Allan

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Introverts equal to extroverts online

Every day I meet people that say they cannot write anything or that they are not comfortable communicating with others because they are introverted. To this I remind some of you that sometimes the most active and visible people in the online world are actually quiet and often invisible in the physical world. Here are some great posts I found over the past week relating to introverts and extroverts online.

+Jamie Billingham originally shared a video by Susan Cain:
The power of introverts which is an informative video and
you can see the post at:

The Secret Power Of Introverts is a good article you can read at:

As part of +Ryan Crowe 's post
Getting More People to use Google+, Part I
How Extrovert and Introvert personality type reversal on social media might be skewing perception of platform's popularity
He talks about Mistaking Extroverted Behaviour on a Social Platform as Belonging to Physical Space Extroverts

+Jason Thomas shared An Introvert's Guide to Networking at

+Carly Matthews
Quiet Quiz: Are You an Introvert or an Extrovert?

+Katja Karhu shared the article:
12 Most Powerful Recommendations for Introverts in Business | 12 Most
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Superb +Gregory Allan
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Gregory Allan

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What is the best time of day to post?

Not everyone has hours a day to be posting to their blog or social network so maximizing what time you do have is very important if you want the maximum amount of readers to be aware of your posts.

There is no easy answer but once you find out you will need to post your articles at that time so the most amount of your readers will see your content. According to Google, the hours between 10am and 1pm are the most active and therefore the best times to post. But what time zone are they referring to? They may be referring to EST time or PST time or maybe they are saying that 10am to 1pm local (your time) is the most active. I am going to assume that 10 to 1pm your local time is the busiest time of day on Google+.

What if I am am my job and cannot post during the early afternoon?

Unfortunately the Google Plus programming API still does not allow us to pre schedule our posts so ifmanually posting during the day is not possible, here are some ideas.

Find people in other parts of the world that are up active online when you are home at night.

It is a global world so if you do not get home until 6PM and cannot publish a post until 7PM you could take a look and wee what part of the world is having their morning or early afternoon when you are available.

For example, on the west coast (PST time zone, California, Vancouver,Canada) at 7 PM it is 10 AM in Bangkok. There are plenty of people what speak English all over the worl. Perhaps you could study the time zones of Australia, New Zealand, England or India among others.

#newbies #frequency #googleplus
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+Katherine Spann you can use Do Share extension for Chrome: (if you are not using it already...):

- Write and schedule your Google+ posts
- Works for personal Google+ profiles as well as Google+ pages
- Easily share links to Google+ from any tab on Google Chrome
- Create a post, and schedule it for laterDo Share will automatically send it
- Supports sharing to circles, +mentions, notifying circle, link sharing, reshares, and photo uploads
- Allows you to share a comment from the Google+ stream
- Bring out your inner author with a distraction free rich text editor
- Save a draft now, edit it into a post later
- Share a post directly from the stream
- Share a post directly from the notifications panel
- Quickly share to your personal page from your page's stream and notifications
- Supports Multiple Google login
- Supports automatic numbering of public posts
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Gregory Allan

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Having Enough Content Is More Valuable Than Direct Marketing

+Neil Ferree just shared +Peter G McDermott's great post listing his favorite Youtube video people and I highly recommend you read it.

His post lead me to +Chris Brogan and his great videos. From there I was introduced to
+Marcus Sheridan of and I really liked this video (below) for the following reason.

He talks about the people that read 30 of his blog posts: end up buying his pools. About 80% of people that saw that many pieces of content made a purchase and this is a huge percentage.

It all comes down to content, friends. This backs up my previous statements I have made in posts when I talk about just geting out there and creating content for your readers and also your future readers.

There are many things I do for traffic generation to my sites such as using traffic exchanges, safe email lists, etc.. but when it realy comes down to it, the more time I spend creating content the more rewards I get down the road. It just takes a little longer than regular traffic generating techniques but the results are longer lasting and help to shape your personal brand.

#contentmarketing #youtube
anass taouil's profile photoVinay Ramani Banagarappa (vinayrb)'s profile photo
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Gregory Allan

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Every time I see a new video or article from Jafree Ozwald I am always inspired. The success he has been able to create for himself and others simply by helping people understand themselves is nothing short of amazing.
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Gregory Allan

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I love it when a single picture can sum up an otherwise complex concept
A Visual Explanation of How Google Plus Works I am not announcing this page for a while yet as I am assembling resources for it. However here is the…
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I am not who you were looking for. Wrong person, sorry.
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Gregory Allan

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Don't Worry About Google, Facebook Had Challenges Too

With all the bad (unjustified) press Google has been getting lately I am grateful for the defenders of Google+ such as +Mark Traphagen ,
+Alex Schleber , +Thomas Morffew , +J.C. Kendall and +Eli Fennell
who put on their +Google Plus For Business armour and defended us with articles such as

G+ Poll Results Infographic - How Much Time Do Active Users Really Spend On Google+?

Is Google+ Dying? Sure Is Winning the Search Wars!

Google+ IS and WILL BE a Huge Success

I would like to officially volunteer as "the opposing point of view"

Whether it is comScore`s proclamation that the average G+ users only spends 3 minutes a month (ridiculous) using Google Plus, or the fact that people are complaining none of their friends are joining them here, it makes no difference what the bad press is. The fact is, every great movement gets criticized in the beginning.

So below is the result of some hard work and research on my part that involved scouring through news archives from long ago and long forgotten. I do love Facebook and appreciate all that it offers to the world. What follows is not an attack on that network but rather a look at history and a reminder to my fellow Plusers that they had their fair share of bad press also.

So Let's Take A Walk Down Memory Lane and Look At History's View of Facebook and The Problems They Had

(just some of the stories and events of the past)

September 07, 2006
New Facebook features have members in an uproar

Many Facebook users are upset over the new mandatory timeline view that sheds light on older posts from the past that some users do not want to be seen. Facebook.Com, the popular social-networking Web site for students, is suddenly getting the cold shoulder on campus.

On Tuesday, in an effort to make it easier for users to keep track of their friends, the fast-growing site rolled out two new features, dubbed News Feed and Mini-Feed. They track users' actions on the site and then keep all of their friends apprised of those developments.

If members acquire a new friend, drop an old one or post an embarrassing photo, all the people in their social network -- including, in many cases, some whom they've never met -- can find out about it almost instantly from a News Feed posting they receive on their home page.

(ref: )

By the following day, hundreds of thousands of Facebook's most avid users turned on the site, horrified by what they viewed as an invasion of privacy. Thousands of people e-mailed the company. A group was formed called "Students Against Facebook News Feed." Petitions were circulated. Students in Florida even planned a boycott of the site Sept. 12.
(ref: )

This wasn't the only trouble Facebook had during it's growing phase.
In July 2007, ConnectU accused Facebook of stealing its ideas, but it was thrown out of court.

Then in December 6, 2007 there was an uproar over the fact that Facebook was tracking user actions off site.

Beacon, part of the company's new ad platform, tracks certain actions of Facebook users on some external sites, like Blockbuster and Fandango, in order to report those actions back to users' Facebook friends network.

The idea: to generate advertising that is more effective because it is intricately combined with people's social circle, so that products and services are promoted in a more organic way via the actions of friends and family.
( ref: )

Doesn't that sound a lot like some of the flack Google is now getting? Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Dec 13, 2007
After taking a beating Facebook made good by making a surprising decision to make their APPS platform open source, thus allowing outside sites and other social networks to have access to its plug-in applications

Facebook had to eventually compromise and back off from some of it's features such as broadcasting what you purchased, to your friends.

More than 50,000 Facebook members have signed a petition objecting to the new program, which sends messages to users’ friends about what they are buying on Web sites like, and Fandango. The members want to be able to opt out of the program completely with one click, but Facebook won’t let them.

These are just a few of the problems and setbacks that Facebook had when they were growing,

I think Google is in good shape and will ride out the skepticism just fine.

So fear not friends and always remember: It doesnèt matter what they are saying as long as they are talking about you! When challenges appear it means you are destined for great things.

Photo Credit:
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Excellent post +Gregory Allan and thanks +Lee Smallwood for sharing this..;)
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I help people create content, connect with others and stay inspired and motivated.
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content creation,personal branding, web developer

programmer, writer,musician,instructor,motivator,diplomat

I can help you to....

  • discover your passion & create great content
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I am good at:
  • speaking, recording audio and video
  • writing code and developing web applications
  • using traffic exchanges, safelists and viral marketing
  • coordinating group projects between people such as co-op advertising campaigns
  • Teaching complex and technical stuff on a non complex level

While I have worked for big clients I enjoy helping the little guy. I believe that anyone can be a success once they understand who they are and where their talents are.

I am big time into motivation and inspiration and my main focus is helping others unlock their personal power. :
See Super Manifestor Video

I have been a computer geek since 1982 when at the age of 12 got my first computer, a Commodore Vic-20!

I love sharing knowledge and helping people with challenges and I get along with ALL types of people from street people to CEO's. I never look down on anyone, yet I am not intimidated by those ahead of me.

Add me to circles such as:

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I created (closed) 4 years before Internet explorer released the multi tabbed web browsers so common today. I have also created highly successful web applications for clients, such as
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