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Gregor Schmidt
Out of the box thinker, creative innovator, and general trouble maker!
Out of the box thinker, creative innovator, and general trouble maker!

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The 5 Best Social Media Management Tools (Judged by Their Users)

#socialmedia is a key aspect of any #smallbusiness #marketing strategy, but many small business owners are too busy to handle that easily. Here are some #socialmediamanagement #tools recommended by actual users!


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Hey #Seattle #smallbusiness owners! Not sure about your #business #website? In that case you should attend this FREE #workshop presented by +Studio 5 Innovation and +Townsquared Info 
Is Your #Business #Website Working Against You? If you are a #SmallBusiness Owner in #Seattle you should attend this FREE workshop presented by Townsquared and Studio 5 Innovation.

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How to promote your #smallbusiness. Great #tips by +Irfan Ahmad 
5 Ways to Promote Your Small Business [Infographic]

“You came up with a great, unique idea and you have a product that you want to sell. You tell all of your friends and they all recommend that you start your own business! After taking the time to think about it, you decide you’re going to do it. You are going to start your own small business. You may be thinking, Well, where do I start? or How am I supposed to get my product out there?”

Fret not, help is at hand courtesy of this #infographic from Grow With Trellis, which proposes 5 ways to promote your small business.

#digitalmarketing   #socialmediamarketing   #SEO   #blogging   #contentmarketing  

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Here is your #highlycaffeinated word of the day! Now go out and use it wisely! Thanks for sharing this, +Buffer 
Procaffeinating (n): the tendency to not start anything until you've had a coffee ☕️

#MondayMotivation #TGIM

📷 // William Wong @ WeWork Chelsea Galactic HQ

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How to avoid harmful #SEO #strategies that will hurt your search rankings via +Studio 5 Innovation 
Improve your #search #marketing by avoiding these harmful #SEO strategies!

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Exciting day on our block: the sequel to #50ShadesofGray is filming literally bellow our windows! Another exciting Saturday at the #highlycaffeinated agency, +Studio 5 Innovation 

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Finally, a #political #candidate for the rest of us! Vote #Bender2016! Thanks for the chuckles, +David Archer 

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#TGIF Thanks to +J&S Tech Designs for the heads up!

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Great post from +Studio 5 Innovation regarding #harmful #SEO #strategies. Read and be warned!
Fresh from the Coffee Grounds Blog: Better Not Use These Harmful #SEO #Strategies Google Really Hates - Studio 5 Innovation

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This could change #online #conversations! Thanks, +Studio 5 Innovation 
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