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Gregor Schmidt
Out of the box thinker, creative innovator, and general trouble maker!
Out of the box thinker, creative innovator, and general trouble maker!

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Not getting much traction from your online marketing? The highly caffeinated creatives at have 100 Online Marketing Tips you can implement right now! #onlinemarketing #marketingtips
Fresh from the ESPRESSO Shots Blog: What You Need to Know About Delivering an Effective Online Marketing Message #onlinemarketing

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An important reminder that diversity enriches the human experience from the #highlycaffeinated team at Share if you agree!
Here at the highly caffeinated agency we are diverse, tolerant, open minded, and accepting. We welcome clients of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation. But if you don't share these values we are not going to play with you! #diversityrocks #betolerant #dontbeanasshole

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If you have a small or non-existent marketing budget you can still grow your brand. Learn how in this post shared by #marketing #smallbusinessmarketing #marketingtips
Need more consumers, but don't have a marketing budget? From hi-tech to lo-tech here are some cool ideas for you to try out yourself! #smallbusinessmarketing

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Hey small business owners, if you are not showing up in search results you should implement these basic #seotips from the highly caffeinated folks at #seo #smallbusinessseo
Is Your Small Business Not Showing Up in Search Results? Here are a Few Things You Can Do to Attract More Consumers. #SEO #seotips

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If you are looking for a better business website check out these tips from the #highlycaffeinatedcreatives at #webdesigntips
So, you want or need a better business website. OK, let's start with these 15 Key Small Business Website Success Tips - #webdesign #webdesigntips

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Some great advice to keep in mind as you consider redesigning your business website via #webdesign
Redesigning your business website is a serious undertaking. Here are some things you should consider before you actually get started. #webdesign

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Confused by all the different social media image sizes? Me too! So this guide from +Digital Information World will come in handy for you as well!
Social Media Image Dimension Guide for 2017 - infographic
There’s no question of a doubt that social media has become more visual over the past few years with over 63 percent of social media updates now incorporating visual content. This means that if you don’t have great images for your social updates you will no...

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How Google works via +Mark Traphagen #SEO
How Does Google Search Work?

In this in-depth article learn how Google crawls, indexes, and ranks web pages. This is essential SEO knowledge to help you do better in search!

Get your learn on at

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Personally I am a big believer in big screens. If you like lots of room for workspaces and crisp imagery check out this share from #ultrawidemonitors

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Some great #smallbusiness #contentmarketing tips from the highlycaffeinated creatives at Share them with your peeps!
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