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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

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What would you do? Get Out - Hide Out - Take Out
GET OUT - HIDE OUT - TAKE OUT (For The Auto Repair Shop)
G&C Violence Response Procedures: GET OUT/HIDE OUT/TAKE OUT
Get Out: If a person (customer or shop owner) appears willing to use a firearm or weapon in the shop:
1. Exit the shop immediately, if possible.
2. Notify others (don't forget the customers) exit the shop and seek protection elsewhere. (Hide in the big ditch out front)
3. Call 9-1-1 and relay as much information as possible:
• Your name and location
• Location of the incident and number of shooters or attackers
• Identity and description of the shooter(s)/attacker(s)
• Type of firearm(s) and/or weapons used
• Number and location of victims and their injuries
Hide Out: If you can’t safely exit the shop or the attacker is nearby:
1. Proceed to the nearest room or a room in the nearest building and lock the door.
2. If you cannot lock the door:
• Block the door with furniture or car part (tire / brake rotor)
• Take cover behind equipment, furnishings, or bigger co worker. 
3. Turn off the lights.
4. Cover door windows.
5. Remain quiet and act as if the shop is empty. Make sure that cell phones and other electronic devices are put on silent or vibrate.
6. If you are with a group of mechanics try to hide in multiple locations in the shop.(Hide in a customers car)  It is best not to hide as one large group. (Don't all pack into a customers mini-van)
7. When law enforcement arrive follow their instructions, keep your hands visible and raised, and avoid pointing or gestures which may be mistaken for holding or firing a weapon.
Take Out: In the event that you are confronted by an individual with a weapon in a life or death situation and you feel there are no other options(NOT - a difficult customer or service advisor), defend yourself and others by whatever means necessary (find a big Snap On pry bar) and do not relent until the aggressor is incapacitated or law enforcement arrives.

Toys For Tot's delivery vehicle.

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G&C Tire and Auto Service - Manassas is not on google +

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G&C Tire and Auto Service - Chantilly is now on google +

G&C Tire and Auto Service is your Hometown auto repair shop serving Northern Virginia - "Just Drop It Off" - "Family Owned - Customer Driven" Come by this week for your Virginia State Safety Inspection - mention google + and my name for a free state inspection. Good for this week only.
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