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An easy hike on Orcas Island, one of Washington's San Juan Islands, leads past a trio of waterfalls on Cascade Creek in Moran State Park. The largest, Cascade Falls, is currently choked with logs and tree blowdown. This photo shows Rustic Falls - not as tall, but in a pretty setting. I shot a bracketed set here thinking the contrast range would require HDR or exposure blending, but Lightroom 4 was able to pull detail in the shadows and hold the highlights from a single NEF (Nikon raw) file.

For #waterfallwednesay , hosted by +Eric Leslie
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Thanks for sharing this. That bug truck makes it very unique. BTW, you spelled the tag wrong, just want to see it show up in search for everyone.
Thanks for pointing out the typo, +Eric Leslie . Clicked a little too fast. I tried to edit the post, but can't seem to fix the tag. Obviously should be #waterfallwednesday
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