Author Rank is on its way, and many people are still in the dark about it. Once released Google will rank you as an author, this rank will directly affect the page rank of all of the content you have published via the web (as long as Google, knows you published it) 
If you would like to learn more about Author rank, and how to get ready for it before it is released (yes you can sign up for Author Rank now, and build your rank) Click below
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Loved the post as well. Everyone's been putting out content about how to increase your Author Rank so I really enjoyed the section in which you described how you can destroy your rank (and I really liked Grumpy Cat!). Very informative and interesting!
Anytime you can combine SEO knowledge with cat pictures you have a winning post.
Thank you very much. I'm glad you all enjoyed the post.
+Paul Dilley you are absolutely right, author rank is a game changer. I hope everyone is ready.
Long live Grumpy Cat!
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