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Greg Tangey (Ruxton)
things beginning with the letters k.... GO!
things beginning with the letters k.... GO!

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So I'm pretty sure there's no pages on the web showing artists,releases, etc. to link to? but Is it possible to deep link to them in the app?

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Live video of my crew (and friends) performing
A little under 2 years ago on the 16th of May 2014, we launched our debut album MD at Mojos Bar, North Fremantle. The line up featured many of our good musician friends (The Lost and Found Trio, Jamahl Ryder, Rights & Paradox, FG, Wisdom2th) and the crowd was filled with all our other friends.

We’ve dubbed together the audio and video of the night to make a live video of Pretty Woman feat. FG & Callum Presbury. This my friends, is the last verse our pal FG performed live before hanging up the mic.

ENJOY. #hip-hop #rap #australia #perth #fremantle #live #music

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On Friday our song from last year On Country was nominated for WAM Song of the Year award! #WAMSOTY 
On Friday our song On Country feat. Bryte, Della Rae Morrison, Ronnie Smith & Charley was nominated for a WAM Song of The Year award in the Outstanding Indigenous category. The song was produced by Rob Shaker, recorded at Shake Down Studio and features a snare roll from Underground Recording Studios/ and horns from Brendan Scott Grey & Matt Smith. #WAMSOTY #Rap #Hip-Hop #Perth #Australia #Indigenous

What's the BitTunes position on artists uploading material they don't have rights to?

I've just come across an artist in the system who is using beats that are available for lease licensing and he's taken from free downloads, with their unlicensed "tags". Licensing either of these beats from the sites would've given them a copy without the tags in it.

I'll e-mail the details of the artist to you so as not to start some community flame war.

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Our interview/chat with Graphic from July this year is finally on mixcloud. Have a listen and get educated, it was a great chat. #hiphop   #rap   #australia   #perth     #syllabolix     #clandestien   #interview  

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New shows up on mixcloud from May.  May 11th, 18th and 25th, check em out! #Music   #rap   #hiphop   #australia   #westernaustralia   #perth  

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Everyone loves hidden tracks on CDs, but there’s huge debate about where they should be placed. We argued about how it should be done on our CD and the majority won, but we got to be inventive in the digital space.   #hiddentrack   #music   #digitalmusic  

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Android devs, hit the poll.
Android app  (not ROM) development poll. What do you your app dev on?
2177 votes
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a hardware device
Android emulator (AndroidSDK/Genymotion)
Not a dev but wanted to click something

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We've got some new stickers up in the place.

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