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So My work opened a new closed group on LinkedIn. I applied for membership. I noticed today that it hasn't been accepted yet. I then recalled seeing some Please confirm email emails from +LinkedIn yesterday. I don't use my work e-mail for LinkedIn, so I had ignored them but now I wondered if the two were related.

So I look in the e-mail and there is a fully disclosed link to LinkedIn's site, and the last link on the e-mail goes to Seemed legit, so I clicked on the fully disclosed link (not the Click here at the top) and got the LinkedIn login. URL looks right, seems legit. So I try logging in... doesn't work. So I went back to the e-mail and absently click the first Click here.

Its blocked by our web filtering software. I look at the link... wtf? Some weird site.

I don't think I've even been caught by a phishing attempt before. Guess I'm changing my LinkedIn password now. Yay for using a different password on every site. Boo for falling for that crap.
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