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Greg Smith
PR pro, journalist, body surfer, m/bike rider, rugby watcher, pizza lover, Army Veteran, father to three, grandfather to two.
PR pro, journalist, body surfer, m/bike rider, rugby watcher, pizza lover, Army Veteran, father to three, grandfather to two.

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ISIS uses children to murder innocents
The Australian Tax Office installing squat toilet seats correlates to this linked article, which is among the most disturbing I have seen.

Being sceptical of fake news, I checked the publisher, PJ Media (it's been around since 2004 and seems legitimate). Please be warned this report is immensely disturbing.

You can read into my posting what you will but for me it is a warning about the true nature of Islam, a movement that does not preach tolerance of those who do not follow it. This, whether you like it or not, is the future facing western societies that embrace this movement. What other true religion currently causes problems of mass violence (Buddhists, Greek Orthodox, Jewish, Anglican)? None.

It starts as a warm embrace and then descends into hell, as European nations are now discovering. Quite simply, the practices, customs and beliefs of Muslims are incompatible with Western society.

Today's news of the Tax Office installing squat toilets (previous post) is an example how we "bend over forwards" to accomodate others. We are literally being shat upon.

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Here in Australia, our Tax Office, the #ATO has installed squat #toilets for the anatomically-challenged. (Sarcasm).
They can't catch big business #tax #cheats, and pursue pensioners, yet they can #waste money on this shit (pun intended).
The trouble is all other government departments will now probably follow suit.

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Australia's biggest shithead?
Didn't take long, did it? Had to have a rant only two days into the New Year. This is fully justified. That looney David #Leyonhjelm (Senator of the Liberal Democrats) has berated #pensioners for being poor. I can't describe the loathing I have for this cretin, who undermines most things #Australian and is just a front for the gun lobby. Glad I beat his candidate in the #Canning by-election (the idiot actually argued in a public forum that rape is okay). Anyway, read this and get angry. If that's not enough, WA #Labor today went and politicised road deaths. Politicians really plumbs the depths for a vote. Can't understand who'd vote for Leyonhjelm.

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Just for the record
My professional career involves mostly communications, though in the early days I worked as a #lifeguard, sales rep, airline clerk and #pizza cook. I got so keen about communications (#PR) I studied it to #PhD level. Here's a link to some of my work. 

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Life can be full of shit (literally)

This yellow doggy poo bag is an analogy of my life for the past year: probably two. I left home to walk the dog this morning and my wife gave me a bag of #poo, from the backyard droppings, to be placed in the park doggy bin. Deposit made.

Started walking again and the dog then proceeded to drop another two bundles, fortunately next to the bin. No problem. Deposit number 2 made.

On almost reaching home the dog dropped its guts again on the lawn of a #neighbour, who saw what was happening and promptly started to open to door (presumably to have a go at me) until I picked up the load.

I come up the drive with what I left with – a bag of shit.

That, folks, just about sums up my life these past two years ... full of shit. I can't wait for #2017.

Everyone, I wish you all the best for the year ahead. (Disclaimer: this post is not an indication of my mental state, just bank balance. It's meant to be half-funny. Well, I am a glass-half-empty kinda' guy).

Wonder if this would go down well on #LinkedIn?

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Depression statistics alarming
As you can see from my profile, I am an Army #Veteran. I am also a veterans welfare officer, so I have a reasonable understanding of PTSD, #depression and associated conditions.

The alarming rise in people with these conditions has concerned me for some time. This week was a case in point.

Articles in the media got me thinking: is there anyone who isn't without PTSD? I don't mean that in a derogatory sense but am asking: what's going on with us? Why is this happening? Is it "real"?

Apparently 25 per cent of kids have depression (see this article:

Seriously, either something's going seriously wrong in society, or people are just using these conditions as a crutch.

I've been unemployed for long periods and I get "down" at times but I don't say I'm depressed; because there's always someone worse off than me (in so many ways).

The increase in the number of people being diagnosed with mental illness is cause for alarm. From a military viewpoint, read this article, While not scientific, it points to growing scepticism about the increase in PTSD.

Medical students are another group far from being exempt from PTSD, with a report saying a third of them (worldwide) suffer from the condition – see

There seems to be a correlations in the rise in cases of #PTSD and depression with an increase in younger people not being able to cope with failure, criticism and hardships. We saw this in the US election, with some universities providing counselling and exemptions from study because the election of Donald #Trump upset them.

Clearly, this is a topic that warrants closer examination and monitoring.

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Don't dwell on regrets
If I stopped to reflect on mistakes and regrets, I’d be a basket case. The one thing that I have, though, is a wonderful wife, three great kids and two grandkids. My life has always been about ... life. In that, I've succeeded. Sure, I tried hard in my career but not at the expense of family (see point #2 in the article). That old adage: "no one on their death bed ever wished they spent more time at work" holds true.

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The latest attack on French soil beggars belief, as each ensuing one becomes bolder. How many more times will we be expressing our sorrow? Many, I suspect. This surely must be the final "straw" for the French and, indeed, Europe. Drastic action requires drastic action. The Swiss started this some time ago, though I doubt anything can stop this darkest of whirlwinds. Liberté, égalité, fraternity.

Like everyone else. Waiting for an #election result. I voted Labor (Matt Keogh best choice of candidates) in my seat of Burt and for Xenophon in Senate. However, I don't want to see Labor's Anne Aly win #Cowan. #ausvotes   #auspol  

See you at #Bunnings #Armadale  tomorrow for #BBQ to benefit a child in Geraldton who lost his mum in a car accident last November.
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