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Greg Smith
PR pro, journalist, body surfer, m/bike rider, surf ski paddler, pizza lover, Army Veteran, father to three, grandfather to two. From Vikings.
PR pro, journalist, body surfer, m/bike rider, surf ski paddler, pizza lover, Army Veteran, father to three, grandfather to two. From Vikings.

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Just discovered one of my forebears was William #Perrin (b. 1777) from #Guernsey. Have contacted your historical Society, hoping for some breakthrough. Any Perrins out there?

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My wife and I visited Dornoch three weeks ago. If we win Lotto we're moving there :). I have an ancestor (Christy Munro, born 1816) from Dornoch. Just wish I could find out her parents' details, apart from the fact they were John and Margaret.

Private message. Hi +Christine Stokes. I noticed your page on Sutherland history and was wondering if you can assist, please. My GG grandmother, Christy Munro emigrated from Dornoch to Sydney (age 24) aboard the Lady McNaughton in 1839. I have been trying for two years to determine Christy's birth, which would be around 1815, given her age on arrival. She married an English convict Edward Everson in 1840. She died in 1871, age 55 (birth circa 1816) Her parents were John (farmer/labourer) and Margaret Munro. I visited Scotland (Dornoch, records office at Inverness and in Edinburgh) but can not pin down her birth place, or origins of her parents. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards, Greg Smith.

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Australian Government robs Veterans
Let's start with the Dept. of #Veterans Affairs' ( #DVA )Veteran satisfaction statistics being a myth (lie), according to an independent survey conducted by an Iraq Veteran (see link). Let's finish with the millions the government (as of 1 July) has started to claw back from Veterans pensions. My experience is DVA (aka the government) is (mildly) next to useless, and (more aptly) bloody thieves. Apart from having my small disability payment cut this week, I continually have to wait for course certificates (six months in one case). My current wait for my most recent course certificate is now two months. I try to help Veterans, while the government robs them of agreed pensions. Veterans Affairs Minister #Teehan just backs the Party line. And where is Andrew #Hastie? Missing in action.

Is +Rob Pyne the only politician standing up to Adani?

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Tassie, here I come
Heading to #Tasmania for three months' work. Nothing going in WA, so why not? Hope it becomes permanent.

I lived in #Hobart 32 years ago, during my first posting with the Army, so I am sure I will notice some changes.

Looking forward to returning to Clifton Beach Surf Life Saving Club.

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National surf titles need an overhaul
One's thing's for sure: a dramatic overhaul of the national surf #lifesaving titles is needed, following cancellation of this year's event.

I have criticised Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) in the past (giving evidence to coroner's enquiry into one of the three recent deaths) but the organisation made the right decision to cancel last week.

Unless it wants to avoid the risk of competition becoming mainstream (there are already separate surf ski and boats events) #SLSA should consider reverting to the previous format, in which competitors qualified through their respective States. The carnival was held over two days, instead of the current week, and was held at a different beach every year.

Having fewer competitors means the carnival can be moved more easily if #surf conditions are dangerous.

The debate has started.

Finding a job at 60
Come on, fess up whoever you are, "un-named recruiter", secretly looking at my profile. Anyway, you're too late. I secured a permanent position after two and a half years. Only trouble is it means a move interstate and away from my family. BIG decision. At least at 61 it's not too late to secure a #job. If you're looking, and keep getting knockbacks, just keep trying. For the statistically-minded: 319 applications, six interviews. It's not encouraging but it's reality. Good luck.
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