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Greg Smith
Kayak coach, SLSA surf and iron coach, Cert IV PT, PhD.
Kayak coach, SLSA surf and iron coach, Cert IV PT, PhD.

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My other life
I'm not a full time #PT or #canoe #coach. My professional career involves mostly communications, though in the early days I worked as a #lifeguard, sales rep, airline clerk and #pizza cook. I got so keen about communications (#PR) I studied it to #PhD level. Here's a link to some of my work.

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Don't dwell on regrets
If I stopped to reflect on mistakes and #regrets, I’d be a basket case. The one thing that I have, though, is a wonderful wife, three great kids and two #grandkids. My life has always been about ... life. In that, I've succeeded. Sure, I tried hard in my #career but not at the expense of family (see point #2 in the article). That old adage: "no one on their death bed ever wished they spent more time at work" holds true. 

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Tough trying to get kids involved in sport
Much to work on. If children don't get a feel (motor skills) and appreciation (enjoyment) for sport in their early years, there's not much hope of them taking it up in later life. Solution: bring back PE in schools. Works well in Norway and many other nations.

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The changing nature of volunteers. Are we becoming professionals?

As a #military veterans welfare officer I have to attend refresher courses, which I did last weekend. A few things came out of the course, held at the Dept. of #Veterans Affairs (DVA).

The nature of welfare officers is changing. They may soon be known as Welfare Advocates, to fit in better with a new training program, soon to be released. The new course will be called the Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP).

It's a big change. This new program will be delivered by a RTO, and not DVA. Reading between the lines, and talking to the course lecturer (a Vietnam and Malaya Veteran nurse), it will probably mean welfare officers (probably now called advocates) will have to be certificate-qualified.

In order to continue in the role, current officers will receive RPL for time spent, courses attended and have to deliver a presentation on a client case.

Generally, due to increased regulation, it seems there's a great deal more required of volunteers, as I am finding within two sports I'm involved with. Despite having a Cert IV in Personal Training I had to debate with one #sport about having RPL. The second sport wouldn't have a bar of it – yet these courses take only a few weeks, whereas the Cert IV took me 18 months.

Sure, it means #volunteers will be better qualified but it makes me wonder if we aren't making it too difficult (time, cost) for many people.

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Just hope you can watch this. Possibly the most disturbing thing I've seen on TV. Where are we heading? Message for me is: "stop buying #stuff".

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Great sport for seniors

I spent an enjoyable morning at a paddling session with some #Perth #seniors this week.

It was the first time I had been involved with seniors and I was expecting some spills into the water at Champion Lakes. It didn't happen.

Despite the fact they were all first-time #canoe paddlers, they all took to it ... well, like ducks to water. The stable Gizmo boats sure helped.

The session demonstrated what a great sport paddling (canoe, #kayak, #surf ski) is – for all ages. There are so many benefits.

First an foremost are the health benefits that exercise brings. But paddling has advantages over many other sports.

It's non weight-bearing, so unlike, say, running, squash, badminton, you aren't carrying your body weight or jarring your body.

It provides a great all around-exercise (anaerobic and aerobic). Yes, that includes your legs. As I tell my paddlers, you actually "paddle with your legs", as all power from the stroke is transferred from the heels through the legs to the core muscle group.

It's a very social sport. Unlike, for example, swimming, You can have a chat to the person next to you while you're doing it.

Paddling can be done in all weather, though some of the more blustery days might play havoc with the seniors.

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In my other guise, I help #Military #Veterans as a welfare officer for the Perth central sub branch of the Military Brotherhood MC. Yesterday three of us attended a Dept of Veterans Affairs refresher course. From left: Bear (Lancelin), myself and Kakas (Kununurra). 

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