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Greg Smith
Forensic SEO + Local SEO Specialist + Professional Blogger + Digital Marketing Analyst
Forensic SEO + Local SEO Specialist + Professional Blogger + Digital Marketing Analyst

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The Webs Largest SEO Tutorials Archive
Wanting to learn the ins and outs of SEO, Link Building, Internet Marketing, etc? Then this is the place for you and guess what? Everything is All FREE!

Go here to visit the largest SEO Tutorials Archive online:

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Here's the link:

Site is still under being newly designed and branded. Thanks for following me and continuing to trust in me and all my services - for so many years.

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Website Design and Search Engine Optimization
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Google Penguin 3.0 STILL Rolling-Out? You could still lose your (Rankings and Traffic) trowsers!
Google's +John Mueller said Penguin is still rolling out.  +Baruch Labunski asked the Q yesterday in a hangout.

What would you like to see me blog about next?

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Now that's something to chat about. Congratulations +Google  Way to go!!
Google Gets New Flu Tracking Engine

Data is only as good as our ability to use it properly and make accurate predictions where necessary. Last year Google's Flu Tracking engine was way off the mark (though I did not appreciate the limited number of data points it took into account). This year Google has updated its engine and added the CDC data in the mix. We shall see how this new, retrained engine performs. In case you're not aware of it this is semantic technology at work. The engine is trained and allowed to run, its output then checked for accuracy and any deviation analyzed to see the causes. 

You can check out the flu results in your region (there are 29 countries included now) here: There is a detailed report at Google's Research blog: and there's a CDC Flu App Challenge if you have a little time:

#flu   #semantics  

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Ban it or Man it?
I would love to hear everyone's opinion on this topic. It's here and it's happening. You have a voice. Don't you think it's about time to speak up and open your mouth?

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I love the challenge of building new start-up businesses (not just for myself) for clients!
When I see the success of my hard work begin to pay-off, there's no better feeling in the universe.
SEO is a part of (plays hand-in-hand) with the overall Web-Design. If you're thinking of building a new business site, rebranding your current one, starting over or anything else that would cause you to wana make changes to your online business website, then feel free to contact me anytime this week.

I'm now accepting 2 new clients and really enjoy meeting you and working for you, along side of you, while I show you what I'm doing (if you'd like!)

TEXT ME: 1-859-396-6357 Ask for Greg!

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New SEO Company: Content Marketing - Web Marketing and SEO for Grown-Ups & Serious Businesses (Under Construction) Accepting 2 new clients.
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